How America Started In five parts

In 1776, The Americans declared Independence on England. The Declaration of Independence is when we declared Independence from England and we became Americans. That helped us begin the United States because we became United and we got our name. It is know known has their boldest move yet.

In 1783, the war ended and everyone decided that there was no more fighting. The Americans were Independent and they also got lots of land. That helped us become the United States because because we were free and there was no more fighting so we could get more popular. It was named the Treaty of Paris.

In 1787, We got lots of rules. It was called the Constitutional Convention. That helped us begin the United States because that is when we behaved better and knew our boundaries and that is when we created our Government.

In 1789, We got are first president. His name was George Washington. It helped us begin the United States because it was are first ever president. We learned a lot and did better because we had some one o tell us what to do or how to do it.

In 1803, We scammed France because we gave them 15 million dollars but, the problem was we did not know how big the land was but when we went to go check it out it was super duper big. That helped us begin the United States because we lots of land and became more popular.

By: Molly Connolly


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