Art Portfolio Amaya Cummins

This is a bowl that I threw and glazed
My plate fresh off the wheel.
This is a plate that I threw and glazed.
This is also a bowl that I threw and glazed

Along with these pieces of pottery I have a turtle that is waiting to be fired in the kiln, along with a mouse that I am organizing what to glaze about it. These are my finished works along with my flower pastel.

The sketch of my flower.
My flower before the lily pads and black water
Some final touches will be made on this and then it will also be completed.

Improving on Skills

I improved on both my pottery making skills and pastel skills in this quarter. Before this I had never worked with either of these medias and I have gained a lot of skill in both areas. Some difficulties I had was with my turtle that I am not that happy with. If I could make it again I would have maybe sculpted a face on it, because without the face sculpted in more detail it looks like a creepy clown. I did not put a picture on here because it is too harmful for the eyes and I would not like to put you through the pain of seeing it. This was a challenge that I hope I can master in the future. With the pastels, they were a brand new media to me and I started off with a very large project. It was a risk since I was very new to the media, but I am proud of how it turned out and would like to do more of these types of works. I learned a lot about making the flower look real, which realistic art pieces are usually a struggle for me. I enjoyed making and learning from each of my completed works this quarter.

Artistic Behavior

Another Artistic Behavior that I expressed would be Engaging and Persisting. Persisting was done the day that I threw during two class periods for two days in a row. Out of the 4 hours on the wheel I only was able to keep 3 items, 2 bowls and a plate ( that was not supposed to be a plate ). This was a difficult skill for me to learn. The hardest things were centering it, not making it too thin to where it falls apart, and not making it too wide to where it became a plate. Although it was very difficult for me to do and I was very frustrated, I perfected two bowls and plate. After those two days it was easier to get back on the wheel and keep one piece in every sitting.


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