Apartheid racial Segregation in africa

The Cause

Apartheid began when Dutch settlers made their way into south Africa to begin colonizing it. Because there were many valuable resources in this part of the world, many people were attracted to it. As if there wasn't already enough, there was also very good land for farming. The Dutch forces the black Africans to a different area with much worse living conditions, while the whites kept the good land and resources to themselves. Since the more powerful Africans were white even after the Dutch and English left, many more years of suffering occurred in South Africa (even after they gained independence).

Clockwise from top left: A sign marking where only whites can enter, a map showing the location of Bantustans in South Africa, South African paratroopers in a raid on Angola, "Boycott Apartheid" bus in England, one rural apartheid homeland.


Artists Against Apartheid was a protest group founded in 1985 to help eliminate apartheid in South Africa. Their first song, Sun City, was released in 1985 and raised over 3 million dollars and earned several awards. This is a concert held in Montreal on March 23rd, 2010. The performers covered all of the songs in the original Sun City album.

This short documentary filmed by Michael De Mita explores what life became like twelve years after apartheid. Victims of apartheid gather in churches to give testimony to their friends and family in their community. Others are sorry for what they have done to support apartheid.

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