Illegal Immigration: Economy? Border?

People from the U.S. are always talking about how Illegal immigrants are taking jobs and losing money from the people who were already here, although it's the complete opposite, according to nytimes “Illegal immigrants increase the supply in labor and they also increase demand. Many Illegal immigrants buy products from companies which benefits the company to make more money and they also pay bills which helps the economy build more schools, building, etc.” If immigrants were ‘stealing’ jobs, the economy would get smaller and poorer but the complete opposite is happening. Illegal immigrants aid the economy by supplying low cost labor and they also accept low end jobs that americans don't want, if they were eliminated prices would go up 6%. This is because over half (53%) of the 2.3 million farm workers in the U.S. are illegal immigrants. Harvard economist, Jorge Barjas has stated “Illegal Immigrants reduce the wages of high school dropouts in the U.S., They also increased the american wealth by 1 percent" (Goodman). Illegal immigrants aren't making the economy worse, they're making the economy better.

Many people from america think that illegal immigrants don't contribute to taxes, but they do. Illegal immigrants collectively contribute nearly $11 billion each year to state and local tax coffers. Illegal immigrants also pay bills which also helps the economy. The heritage foundation found that the average undocumented immigrant household paid $10,334 in taxes (Chen).

Donald trump wants to build a wall that separates America from Mexico because of terrorist threats and illegal immigration. Donald Trump also wants Mexico to pay for the building of the wall. “Mexican people we are not going to pay any single cent for such a stupid wall! It's going to be completely useless. If Donald Trump pretends that closing the borders to anywhere, to provide prosperity to the United States, he is completely crazy” said Felipe Calderõn, MPA ( Donald Trump also says that building the wall will help the economy in the United States, but building the wall will make the economy worse. The wall would cost billions of dollars to make and would take many years to build. Prices would rise because of the billions of dollars that will be wasted to make the wall.

This proves that illegal immigration is wrong. Illegal immigrants are just helping out the economy, not making it worse. Most of them pay their taxes and bills and follow the laws. America shouldn't deport illegal immigration but instead help them out to become U.S. citizens.

illegal immigration deportation is wrong and should be put to an end we should defend illegal immigrants and contact the government that illegal immigrants are mainly helping out the economy and making it bigger and should not be deported and treated different. People should care about this topic because it affects the economy in the united states.

Created By
Miguel Ibarra


Created with images by Wonderlane - "I hope someone tears down The Wall, US border, separating Mexico from the US, looking east, along Highway 2, Sonora Desert, Mexican side" • Fibonacci Blue - "Minneapolis protest against Arizona immigrant law SB 1070"Chen, Michael. “Undocumented Immigrants Contribute Over $11 Billion to Our Economy Each Year.”, 4 Mar. 2016, Accessed 18 Apr. 2017. Davidson, Adam. “Do Illegal Immigrants Actually Hurt the U.S. Economy?” New York Times Magazine, Accessed 18 Apr. 2017. 3 Apr. 2014,

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