Digital Cameras By Alex Wickens

DSLR: This is a camera use for more serious jobs or for a person with a well interested hobby of photography. It is a single lens camera that zooms in at great distances with great quality. You will find lots of professionals with these types of cameras. DLSR are expensive the price averages around £400-£600.

GoPros are to show a great first person experience as if you are seeing something in your own eyes. You often use them for bike rides, underwater (special underwater case) and more. They have great quality ,but most are unable to zoom. The price averages around £100-£300
Have a full 360 degree camera with great quality. You are able to look all over the photo as if your there in reality. The prices average around £150-£300.
Bridge Camera: These are a step down of a DLSR unfortunately you cannot take the lens off. There quality and zoom are still good ,but obviously not as good as a DLSR. They are cheaper than DLSR and are still great ,but not when it comes to professional photography. The price averages around £80-£250.

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