A Hidden Side Of Me By Mary xu

Dropped On My Family

It was a marvelous afternoon, the sun had just calmly set over the horizon. I was doing my homework as usual and jamming out to old music in my room. My dad had approached outside my door with a gloomy look, I knew it had to be unpleasant news. Every word that came out of his mouth was unbelievable I didn't know how to react, my mind trailed off into a different place while his mouth was still moving. Why my family? They had been telling me to stay healthy all these years and to wear appropriate clothing for proper weather. Not only did I find out that my family has a bad case of cancer and diabetes. I also discovered that my beloved uncle now has diabetes. Why my family? Could I be the next victim? My skin started to tremble, I couldn't bear to think of this, and now to think my mom could have cancer? Why my family? Why us? What did we do to the world to deserve this?

A Champion

I never thought that this could happen at the age of 8? No way. My heart was beating out of my chest and the adrenaline running through my body. Butterflies struggling with all their might to fly out of my stomach. Being short was a real disadvantage against the other swimmers, it was like I was Jack and everybody else was the giant. A whistle blew sharply, I dove in and everything just felt natural to me. My legs kicking up and down like a dolphin tail and my arms pulling with all the force I could use. I peeked from the corner of my eye, and realize that i'm head to head with some other swimmers. This wasn’t good I wanted to come out on top, I wanted to make my parents proud. I just kept thinking how happy would my parents be if I finished as a champion? They could tell all their friends that their daughter was a champion. It gave me ten times more motivation to finish harder. I had touched the wall, looked up at the board and my mouth drops. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I was filled with so much excitement that I felt like my life had flashed right before my eyes. The first time in my swimming career where I had won first place at championships.


My dear daughter; bring all the hampers downstairs into the washroom; turn on the washing machine and put the clothes in; pour the detergent in and let the water fill up and close the top; eat your eggs so you can become smarter, eat the food that was made for you already don’t be greedy; don’t use up all the hot water while taking a shower; get out and get dressed quickly; always eat your food and don’t waste one piece of it; you should eat what I tell you to eat if I say it’s healthy for you; but, what if I’m just simply not hungry and don’t want it; don’t play video games you are not a boy; i warn you to dress warmly when it’s cold outside you will get sick if you don’t; I will not drive you anywhere else unless it is related to school; you will not go out until you have finished your homework; have you finished your homework yet; yes i did; I never see you working on your homework; you will go to Chinese school on Sundays and learn the language and the culture you were born in; you will act like a young lady; you need to stop acting like an American and more like an Asian; what is so wrong with being both; go upstairs and clean your room; this is how you put on makeup; pamper yourself up a little bit to show others how beautiful you are; i don’t want to wear makeup; you smile a heartwarming smile to the ones who have hurt you and to the ones who love you; you should walk with your head held up high and your back straight up; do not go on your phone while you are studying for a test; this is how to set a table for dinner; this is how to wash the dishes; you will go to swimming and not skip a day; i have too much homework to do; it is a commitment that you are responsible for.

A Kingdom Ripped Apart

Once upon a time there was a dragon, a queen, a prince, a princess and her best friend. They lived in a huge beautiful palace as grand as it could be, the queen was beautiful and had a heart pure as gold. The prince was a joker and was quite sensitive. The princess had beautiful blonde hair who was also a pro at horseback riding. Her best friend was somebody who could make anybody feel better and was always by her side. The dragon had been absent in their lives more often now than ever. Every time the dragon, Steven, came back he would say nasty things to the princess, Jackie, all the time. The dragon was supposed to be near the palace to protect the royal family at all times and to love them. Slowly, the royal family started to notice that the dragon wasn’t around so often anymore, so they decided to start and investigate. Soon, they found the jackpot realizing the dragon had flown away and had been protecting a different family, the dragon was risking all he had for some other silly little family. A few days later the family had uncovered the lies the dragon had been telling. The whole family had a breakdown for many weeks burning down anything they had that reminded them of the dragon. To understand that the dragon was helping these other families destroy their kingdom was heartbreaking. The best friend joined in on the ceremony of burning. She knew how to comfort the princess and did everything she could to help. The prince and queen didn’t know what to do, so they sent out their knights to go find this dragon and kill it. And so they did, the dragon was gone and replaced with a new much more loving worthy dragon.

This Is 14.

This is fourteen. Fourteen is the age where even though you think everything will be alright it isn’t. Everywhere you turn you get questions about college, “What college do you want to go to?” and “Do you know what you want to be?” School, test grades and getting into college are the only things that matter in life right now. Every now and then all the stress builds up to a certain point where your body can’t take it anymore and you have no choice, but to have a mental breakdown.

Fourteen is the age where you’re the “babies” in high school. Every other grade sees you as little infants, but there isn’t really much of an age difference. You are capable of being as mature as a grown adult. You wonder why they doubt your expectations, but you’ll never receive an answer.

Fourteen is where your appearance matters a whole lot to you and everybody else. You wake up early only to cover your flaws that make you different from others. You wake up early to plan a decent outfit that you think others would like. What would the world be with only perfect people living in it? Stop worrying about what other people think about you and appreciate the things that are around you.

Fourteen is the age where your friend group may split up and you start to make new friends and leave the old ones. It’s funny how there are times when you’re old best friend becomes a complete stranger to you. Your friends could be changing and you could be changing. Changed for the better or for the worse. You may tell them that they are becoming different and they will not believe you.

Fourteen is cherishing the moments you had when you were in second grade. Life was simple and life was easy. Don’t deny that you miss being a kid, because we all do. You didn’t have to deal with all the stress your parents brought on you about school. People couldn’t blame you for their mistakes because it would just look silly to be blaming a little kid.

Fourteen is when you fight with your parents more than you would want to. Words just spill out of your mouth without putting any thought into it. You don’t realize, but your words hurt them as much as their words can hurt you. You’re screaming and yelling back and forth at each other at the top of your lungs and then. The room gets quiet. Both you and your parents have had enough. You walk away to your room and they stay there talking to each other in the exact same place.

Fourteen is when you start realizing money doesn’t grow on trees. You need to start working for all the money you are spending. This is the age where you realize you start buying things that you need more than the things you want.

At fourteen your only escape in the world is to listen to music. It takes you to a place where you forget about everything that’s going on around you and it’s just you and the music. You can’t deal with any of the drama that’s going between your family or your friends.

Fourteen is getting your heart broken and never knowing when it’s going to heal.

Author's Note

During the process of writing this multi-genre narrative was difficult at times when there was too much noise around me I just couldn’t get any work done. But, at times when it was quiet and peaceful around me it was so easy to concentrate and finish writing all my pieces. These pieces all relate to each other, because they’re all about my personal life the parts of my life where I wouldn’t even be comfortable to share with some of my closest friends. While I was writing this, words just came out and I was typing everything I was feeling. There wasn’t anything holding me back from expressing the real feelings I had towards things. What I learned about the world around me is that nothing is fair, you will come across times where you will get hurt and you will feel pain, but on the upside there are more times where you’re happy. Many people think I have a perfect life, but I really don’t and nobody else does either. These pieces resemble my life that I’ve hidden from the outside world and it has helped me understand that even though I have been through many problems I manage to keep my act together. There are times where I do have breakdowns that are uncontrollable and there’s nothing else I can do but cry. My favorite one I wrote was This Is 14, because all the paragraphs written in that piece have a place in my heart and they all include my true emotions about how life is going for me right now. It was the piece that I had less difficulty writing and the most meaningful to me.


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