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Week of October 28 - November 1


  • Parents and Scholars, we are ExExExcited to offer a new online portal for all athletic forms and waivers. Visit www.rankonesport.com to see your all-in-one solution for forms for your scholar-athlete. Now… you do have to select BCHS as the school as BCMS is not listed, but don’t fret! All of your information will transfer to the appropriate parties. See flyer for more information or contact Ms. Ennis at BCMS with any questions.
  • SCHOOL WIDE FIELD TRIP is Friday, November 1st! We will travel to Savannah to watch Apollo 11 and have lunch at Grayson Stadium, home of the Savannah Bananas!! If you have not signed a permission form to attend the field trip, please do so by Wednesday!
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Come support the Cheer Tribe as they compete at their last competition in Statesboro!
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We are "moving" onward with discussions about Earth's lithospheric plates, called plate tectonics, and how their movements can cause major geologic events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Look for your student's notebook to be updated with Unit 1B notes, warm-up and closing quesitons, foldables and sketch notes. Be sure to review the notes pushed out via Google Classroom as well as the notes posted in your iBook (science notebook) each night.

We made it!! We have finally arrived to the end of October, and with that brings government. Our next unit of discussion will be government and its workings in Europe. In particular we will focus on two types Democracy and Autocracy. Students will learn the two types and we discuss some sub-group like Presidential and Parliamentary. Please continue having students complete make up and reviewing notes. All notes for Social Studies are posted in Google classroom or in the student's iBooks. 

In Mrs. Nobles and Mrs. Harvey's class, we will focus on two goals this week. Our first goal is to use text details to figure out a poem’s theme in order to tell how a speaker’s words show his or her thinking using Langston Hughes's poem, I Dream a World. Our second goal is to evaluate a thesis statement, ideas, details, and conclusions in an informative essay in order to understand the expectations of their own writing.

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This week in Ms. Baer's class, students will press pause on Unit #2: Seeking the Big Picture to dive into a season-appropriate mini-unit... Edgar Allan Poe! Students will learn about Poe and his life, and closely analyze one of his most well-known works, The Black Cat. We will be reviewing skills from Unit #1 as we discuss the differences between tone and mood, the meaning of "unreliable narrator," as well as other elements of a narrative (theme, conflict, etc.). Students will also practice their skills in analyzing informational texts (in keeping with our current Unit #2) to read about Poe's experiences as a young person, his life and education, and ultimately his career as one of the most prolific writers in American history!

For the LOVE of all things NUMBERS!

Ms. Stephens' and Mr. Barker's class will continue Unit 2- Ratios. Students will complete many activities digging deeper into conversions with fractions, decimals, and percents this week!

Mrs. Simpson's third and fourth period academic classes will be reviewing fractions and their operations, ending the week with the phrase: "You don't ever really divide by a fraction, you simply multiply by the reciprocal!" If your student is in one of these two classes, check with them on Friday and see if they can explain what that phrase means!

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