Bent Pines ( Scroll Down)

Bent Pines Villas otherwise known as "Bent Minds" by some of the long time residents
The winding paths captivate you. It's so quiet. As you walk the paths thru gardens and across the lawn the serenity and beauty put you at ease...its magical and yet you are in the middle of the city of Naples.
Walking around enormous Birds of Paradise simply appear
Lake Mary Lou seen at "low tide"
forms and shadows shape your view at every turn
Lynn's outdoor living room
Whoever thought bamboo could be so pretty?
Glam Path shaped and nurtured largely by Lynn Wood's imagination and dedication to detail over 30 Years.
The finest water garden on the property, within the private confines of Susan Romano's lanai.
Back and away path, the rear entrance to Bent Pines from Hidden Cove
Who would think this little lake would draw so much wild life?
Looking up from bent pine path
Meet the natives
Click (as seen here) and Clack, who incidentally looks exactly like Click. Mud hens they are.
Minny with her hubby, Chippy, in the back ground
A closeup of Chippy.
Mrs Elvis started with 10 chicks in the 2016 season, but by March, only two survived.
Reggie, the carp. We think Reggie is the last remaining fish that Ronnie Hilburn tossed in the lake over 20 years ago.
Decorated for Christmas

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