Important Relationships By Paige Johnson

This is something Miss Maudie said to Scout

Scout learns an important lesson from Miss Maudie. Scout learns that you cant base someone of their looks, because their looks are not what make them who they are. Her quote above says, "Sometimes the bible in the hand of one man is sometimes worse than a whiskey bottle in the hand of another." She is saying that someone who you would suspect to be dangerous could be more dangerous than someone who you thought was worse than them. Scout didn't have an interaction they were just talking about Atticus and how he does not drink. That is what brought up this conversation.

This is a photo of me and my mom

In my life people that have had an impact on who I am today are people like my parents. They made me who I am by teaching me what I am supposed to do, and what i am no supposed to do. An example could be when I was little they taught me to always say please and thank you. This was a positive thing because now I have manners and people like that.

A picture of Scout and Atticus

Scout learned another important lesson from Burris Ewell. The interaction was her talking to him and how bad his grammar is. She learned that no matter how much she absolutely not like it, she needs it. Since she goes to school she talks right and does not talk like Burris. That is what she got from that lesson.

Me and Luis on the last day of 8th grade

Another person that would have a positive impact on my life is my friend Luis. An interaction we had that was when we were in 4th grade. This interaction was we became friends and we grew closer as we grew up. (we have been friends for 6 years) He had a positive impact because he is like the responsible one of the group, so when my other friends and I want to do something stupid he stops us and we don't get in trouble. For example the other day he was at my house and we were with other friends and it was like 10:30 and we wanted to go outside and walk around. We all knew it was not a good idea,but fortunately he was there and he stopped us from risking getting in trouble. He has made me now think kind of about something before I do it, and that has helped me in some situations.

This is scout from the TKAM movie

Another person that Scout learns a life lesson from is Boo Radley. There was not really a interaction, but she did learn something. She learned that not everything you hear is true, so like don't just believe in rumors. One could be the stabbing, were Boo stabbed his dad in the leg. It never says that he didn't, but it was a rumor and it could have been a big lie. She learned that 1 rumor can make you think someone is terrible or that they have done something terrible, that could have been false. That is what I think she learned from that.

me and my grandpa

Someone that I have learned a life lesson from, well a few life lessons is my grandpa. He has taught me a few things, but the most important one is that if you treat someone with respect you will get respect back. A interaction was when I was fighting with my sister, which we do a lot. I like to take her clothes and so she will get mad and take my stuff too. What my grandpa told me about that was that I need to be respectful and ask instead of just taking. This has made me sorta change. I sometimes ask now, but sometimes I will take her shirt or something. (shh)

3 people from TKAM

Another lesson Scout learned was from Atticus. The interaction was he was talking to her and he said, "Shoot all the blue jays you want, if you can hit 'em, but remember it's a sin to kill a mockingbird." He was telling her basically that by harming a mockingbird, you are harming something innocent and something that does nothing bad but sing for you. The lesson that I think she took from this is that to not be mean or cruel to something that wasn't mean or cruel to you. Something that didn't do anything to you.

Dawson, Bailey, and I on each others backs

A lesson I learned from somebody could be another one of my close friends named Dawson, and my twin sister Bailey. The interaction was we were all hanging out (+luis) and they started to do stupid things, and instead of stopping it I just stood by and laughed. What I learned from this is that by standing by and not stopping it got us in a lot of trouble, so what I took from that was to not act like idiots and that every action has a consequence. Now I have learned to not do stupid things, but sometimes when i'm with my friends I act a little dumb. That is what I took from that lesson.

This is a mockingbird

One last lesson Scout learned was from Jem. The interaction was when Scout and Jem sent a thank you letter to Boo. They thought that maybe things were different and he would actually read it, and etc. The lesson the took from it was that maybe things weren't what they seemed to be.

Us during Hoco

One final lesson I could take was from my friend Alyssa. Our interaction was basically just hanging out and stuff. There wasn't a single specific time. The lesson I got was that nobody is who you make them out to be. I would make her out to be super perfect and stuff, but nobody's perfect. She is one of my close friends. Since she was just normal and etc. in my head I never would of guessed, like who shes friends with or what she does. (nothing bad) It's just that's not the person I made her out to be.


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