Jim: Nelson, it’s an honor to sit down and interview you verses you interviewing me. Let’s start this interview with learning more about yourself, and what is INFOCORROSION?

Nelson: “I’m an industrial digital marketing specialist and Manager Director of INFOCORROSIÓN, one of the most important Digital Multiplatform publications for Engineering and Management of Asset Integrity, Corrosion Control and Protective Coatings in Latin America and Spain. Our mission is to professionalize the industry with quality content and create a real consciousness in the owners, contractors and all the people exposed to the costly threat of corrosion.”

INFOCORROSION Digital Platform (Spanish Language) Covers the Protective Coatings and Corrosion Protection Markets in Latin America and Spain

Jim: In your opinion, what’s the future of the Protective Coatings Industry in Latin America? Where do you see growth in the industry? (Example, Owners demands on quality, which drives blasting and industrial painting/coating craftworker trainings and certifications).

Nelson: “The future of Protective Coatings in Latin America has been evolving but not at the speed that the global protective coatings industry expected. There has to be a real conscience understanding of the serious damage corrosion causes to public health, the environment, and not to mention the huge financial impact with overall economic losses in infrastructure. It affects every country in Latin America.”

Abrasive Blasting

“Awareness and change within the industry starts with structure owners, and should carry the same priority for oil and gas, pipeline, manufacturing, transportation, energy production and transmission, as well as important military assets.”

Industrial Painting/Coating Application

“The dispersal of information, as well as professional training and companywide certifications are extremely important, but it does no good if not shared with the entire market. All the way from the structure owner to the craftworker. This situation is what motivated me to establish INFOCORROSION back in 2013.”

FIPREC, August 14-17, 2019 (Lima-Peru)

Jim: INFOCORROSION successfully became the Administrator of this August’s FIPREC in Lima-Peru. What is FIPREC and what can exhibitors, speakers, and attendees expect to experience during the conference?

Nelson: “FIPREC stands for Feria Internacional de Pinturas y Recubrimientos Industriales, meaning International Congress of Industrial Paints and Coatings. This Congress is part of a bigger event called EXPOPERÚ INDUSTRIAL, which has gathered three simultaneous industry events (electricity, wood, and metal) and will be held from August 14th to 17th, 2019 at one of the biggest and touristic convention centers in Lima-Perú known as, La Ciudad Ferial Costa Verde.”

“This international event is the ideal setting for technical updates and commercial negotiations in the Protective Coatings Industry and Corrosion Control market. It will bring together in a single conference the manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of coatings and related products, suppliers of surface preparation and cleaning equipment, paint application equipment, paint and surface corrosion protection contractors, specialists in corrosion control, paint specifiers, and quality inspectors.”

“We expect more than 10,000 specialized attendees from all over Perú and neighboring countries like Ecuador and Bolivia, who will come for the opportunity of high business level connections that will be developed during the event, as well as the technical presentations and trainings that will be delivered at FIPREC.”

“Owners and contractors will find in one place the most complete commercial sample of supplies, machines, tools for different applications and solutions in protection, and asset preservation of industrial infrastructure. During FIPREC, you will be able to connect with potential clients from industries such as marine, oil and gas, pipelines, transportation, and others.”

INFOCORROSION Digital Magazine (Spanish)

Jim: Now that the readers know more about INFOCORROSION, what are the organization’s future plans?

Nelson: “One of the INFOCORROSION’s strengths is our team of professionals; specialists committed to the professionalization of all those who are part of the asset protection process, as well as warning the industry about the catastrophic consequences generated by the destructive nature of corrosion.”

“Little by little we are adding specialist collaborators from our region who share their experiences in their fight against corrosion and how they faced it. We hope to have more professionals from Latin America who share their knowledge and experiences in favor of our mission. It is not enough to just share the information and that is where our strength stands out: to have a creative team of specialists in digital industrial marketing, who permanently work to develop new effective communication strategies. Being 100% digital allows us to have freedom to create new resources that allow us to transmit the content in a more attractive way.”

“INFOCORROSION has been growing exponentially, having appeared on international radars since 2014. In 2016 we signed a collaboration agreement with SSPC in order to expose their mission to our industry, and with that we became their voice for the region. Now, in 2019 it is very satisfying for me to see how far we have progressed and the reach we have achieved, reaching even the European market and making history with the INFOCORROSION AWARDS in both Latin America and Spain.”

INFOCORROSION 2019 Awards will be presented during FIPREC (Lima-Peru)

Jim: Nelson, you just mentioned the “INFOCORROSION Awards”, can you tell us more about the program and what awards will be given?

Nelson: “For the first time in the history of the Assets Integrity and Corrosion Control Industry, in Latin America and Spain there will be awards to the most outstanding key players of the Industry. This unprecedented event will have a permanent live broadcast on all of INFOCORROSIÓN’s digital platforms (www.infocorrosion.com) over the key days, August 15, 16 and 17th, during FIPREC 2019, International Convention of Industrial Coatings and Linings.”

“This award ceremony for the most outstanding players of the Assets Integrity and Corrosion Control Industry seeks to stimulate and promote scientific research, technological development and innovation in the industry, as well as also recognize the efforts made by the different businesses and academic organizations regarding the development of products and/or services. It will also serve to recognize innovative ideas that contribute to generating a positive impact on the competitiveness, productivity, value, creation, and sustainability of the companies making use of technology.”

“Combat Corrosion Like a Superhero”

“There will be 12 categories that will be awarded at the Industry Awards:


“Award for creativity, efficiency and productivity for the benefit of the client as part of the pre and/or post sale service. They involve those activities that represent a corporate effort and an extraordinary concern for the satisfaction and well-being of the client.”


“Award to the company that during 2018 generated a positive impact abroad reflected in the technical-commercial success of its product or service, strategic alliances and business growth.”


“Award aimed at young professionals who have highlighted as a result of their work, contributions, studies, commitment and collaboration with the technological development, innovation and professionalization of the Assets Integrity and Corrosion Control Industry in Latin America and Spain.”


“Award for the most emblematic project with the greatest impact of Corrosion Control with Coatings on the Asset Service Life, for the benefit of the Industry or Community.”


“Award to the woman of the Assets Integrity and Corrosion Control Industry that stood out in the last year through research, new developments, publications of technical articles, education, etc, that has created a positive impact on the evolution of the industry.”


“Award to the Contractor Coatings Applicators in shop and/or Field for his applied technology, constant improvement in his processes, commitment and dedication in benefit to the Corrosion Control Industry and Assets Integrity.”


“Recognition to the Metalworking Contractor for its commitment, dedication and constant improvement in its Surface Treatment and Protection processes for the benefit of the Corrosion Control and Asset Integrity Industry.”


“Award to the Institution, Organization and/or Company for the most outstanding contribution, through a research project, technical study that contributes in the development of the Corrosion Control Technology.”


“Award to the most effective Digital and Interactive Industrial Marketing implementation, as well as the use of social networks as support for the development and goals of the organization.”


“Recognition of the Value Engineering article with more readership in INFOCORROSION.”


“Award to the companies whose machinery/product or service that has been created or developed considering the taking care of the environment, flora and fauna.”


“Award to the most detailed innovation of 2018 related to machinery, Equipment or instrument for the Corrosion Control and coatings industry in Perú.”

“We are proud of the commitment we made back in 2013 on the professionalization and development of our Latin-American industry, and that continues to be our mission to date. This premier INFOCORROSIÓN Awards for the Assets Integrity and Corrosion Control Industry allows us to show in 2019, how much our region has advanced.”

FIPREC Runs August 14-17, 2019 (Lima-Peru)

“We invite all of Latin America and Spain to participate and be part of the history with these industry awards. Click HERE to participate: http://infocorrosion.com/index.php/premios-ic2019”

In closing this interview with Nelson De la Cruz, I would like to say Thank You to Nelson and encourage everyone that’s involved in the Protective Coatings and Corrosion Control industry in Latin America to please join www.infocorrosion.com and become an INFOCORROSIONIST today!

“Excited for FIPREC - Lima, Peru”

Please plan to attend (also exhibit) the upcoming FIPREC exposition that will be held on August 14-17, 2019 in Lima-Peru. SSPC and SSPC Peru Chapter will be located in exhibit booth G19. Plan to meet staff from SSPC and members of SSPC Peru Chapter will be on hand to answer your questions on how you can become involved with and part of the chapter mission to improve the Protective Coatings market in Peru.

SSPC Staff, David Tufino and Jim Kunkle will be at FIPREC (Booth G19)

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