Christianity Alexis vogel

Origin- Christians believe that people can be saved by the help of Jesus. The founder was Jesus. It was founded in Bethlehem. Jesus was born a Jew and that is why Christianity is originated with the Jewish religion.

Major beliefs- The holy book was the old and new testament of the bible. Christians attend church to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The religious leader is Jesus Christ

Various sects of the religion- The 3 major sects are Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestantism. Christianity is based on the belief of one God (Monotheism) which created heaven, Earth, and the universe

Key holidays/ celebrations are Christmas, good Friday, and Easter. On Christmas children receive presents and Christians go to church to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Good Friday is the Friday before Easter when Jesus got crucified. Easter is when Jesus rose from the dead and became resurrected.


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