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Aromatique is a highly visual aromatherapy primer, appealing not only to the sense of smell, but also to sight, touch, and the imagination. An aromatique that excites your imagination is truly a ScentMemory. One of those aromas that you remember from your past.


Aroma gives depth to flavor, and the stunning variety produced by the combination of feedback from both the nose and the tongue give rise to all of the delicious complexity we enjoy in everything we smell and taste.


A distinctive odor, smell that is activated as you pass by it

Aroma ~ Florals ~ Woodsy ~ Verdant ~ musky ~ Spicy ~ citrusy
"The olfactory system gives humans their sense of smell by collecting fragrances or odors from the environment and transducing them into neural signals." source: Boundless Psychology. "Olfaction: The Nasal Cavity and Smell." 20 Sep. 2016
Focus on the fragrance ~ Aromatiques is a highly visual aromatherapy primer, appealing not only to the sense of smell, but also to sight, touch, and the imagination.

My ScentMemory goes back to our family visit to Susie's house in LosAngeles, CA, as a child. Immediately falling in love with her vintage perfume bottles and the lovely aroma emitted from the bottles were complex to a child's nose ~ but I adored the citrusy flavor similar to the naval oranges hanging from the backyard tree, slightly floral scents of plumeria, lavender, and jasmine blended with grassy herbal aromas. And, one that stands alone the fresh linen from clothes dried on the clothesline activates my ScentMemory.

The word “perfume” derives from the Latin “per fumum” (through smoke). This is because the Ancient Egyptians burnt perfumed resins as offerings to their gods. People would try and attract each other with the use of scent even before taking an interest in their appearance. They would use flowers and herbs, and eventually balms that would intensify with heat. BY FRAGRANCE FOUNDATION "HISTORY OF FRAGRANCE"

"Embrace Luxury!"

Humans can differentiate some 10,000 different smells. Somalia or perfume experts, for example, can train their sense of smell to become expert in detecting subtle aromas by practicing retrieving smells from memory. Our olfactory system is closely linked to our sense of taste. What we enjoy smelling is also what we enjoy tasting in food.


What do you notice when you first walk into your mom's home for the holidays ~ especially Thanksgiving. From the time you first smell it as a young child and every time thereafter these aromas, when smelled will increase the neuronal activity in the limbic and hippocampus, regions of your brain. These scents have strong connections to emotional memory.

"Women have a more finely developed sense of smell than men in just about every study performed. It is thought to be associated with a more highly developed prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is linked to bonding with a newborn to discerning potential mates. We are attracted by some and repelled by others. Think of preferences to smell as a fingerprint. Each individual has a specific preference what I refer to as ScentMemory." by SMKelley
Essential Oils

Our ScentMemory

Our Soap uses ScentMemory blends of essential oils, resins, and hydrosols to create verdant blends of essential oils. The vegan oils are extracted through a steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing method. It is the purest essential oils that are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they come. Our Soap verdant fresh will remind you of freshly cut grass, fresh water, ocean breeze, and herbal floral blends. All light, refreshing scents reminiscent of clean fresh bed linen, laundered clothes, with an essence of herbal lightly floral blends.

Verdant is used to describe our aromatic mixology of EOs. A ScentMemory that evokes botanicals, flowers, and plants at the peak of vivacity and freshness. The irrepressible vibrance in a living, thriving and prospering plant. Our Soap has that unique blend of essential oils, resins, and hydrosols with enduring freshness.

Verdant Aromas

Green tea, mint, herbs, fresh citrus, light florals, light woods, and freshly grass scents.

Verdant Fragrances
Nature Rules! ~ Our soap contains only botanical, plant-based, essential oils, resins, and hydrosols as the essence you smell in our soap. Pick it up. Hold it. How does it fit in your hand (e.g. shape, size)? How does it feel (e.g. silky, smooth)? How does it smell (e.g. herbal,floral,musky,green)? Inhaled deeply to activate your ScentMemory. Did you excite a memory deep inside you?

Customize your scents.

Created By
SM Kelley


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