Library Refurbishments to Ease Student Stress by Irene García Mir

The library is an essential part of every university campus; it is vital to be able to have a comfortable, ample space to focus and get work done. If this is not your first year studying at Surrey, then you are probably aware of how frustrating and difficult it can be to find a seat to study in our on-campus library, especially during assignment and exam seasons where most levels of the library are overflowing with so many students – so many students, in fact, that the university had to turn the Lewis Carroll building into the ‘Library+’ to create more space.

Surrey’s library and learning centre is a project that cost the university £13.2 million to build in 2011, and over the past three years it has received a further £5.5 million in investments to improve the resources, furniture and space availability. This summer the works and preparations finally received the go-ahead, so we can expect the library to look significantly different upon return for the academic year.

Refurbishment and other works are unlikely to be completed until the 18th of October, but from the start of the year there will be an additional 160 study spaces available, including refurbishment of level 3 that will become new individual study space.

There will be new shelving on levels 4 and 5 to match the mobile shelving on the other levels installed during the previous summer.

The SPLASH area has been expanded; it will now have a consultation area on level 1 to increase support and help students maximise their learning skills.

You may find it difficult to navigate the library until completion of the project, as some areas have been cut off and books have been transferred to different areas. However, there is still plenty of space available to study, and library staff and student ambassadors will be present to help you get through the building and find any resources necessary.

We can’t wait to see the finished product, and we hope that study space anxieties will be relieved by this project!


Photos courtesy of Surrey University.

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