What is it?

The Alliance for Transportation Working in Communities is a special program within SPC that is responsible for developing and maintaining the Southwestern Pennsylvania Public Transit • Human Services Coordinated Transportation Plan (CTP). The focus of the CTP is to enhance access for transportation-disadvantaged populations through the coordination of services across all providers in the region. The purpose for regional coordination is two-fold:

1) Enhance overall access, especially for transportation-disadvantaged populations, to public, private, and non-profit transportation services available in the region.

2) Improve the efficiencies of these services through smart integration and effective utilization of resources.


What is its guiding principle?

The ongoing efforts of the Alliance for Transportation Working in Communities are guided by a Regional Transportation Goal composed by the group in 2017:

Develop a regional multimodal transportation network which, through the use of robotics, automation, and shared mobility, can create seamless travel chains in urban, suburban, and rural environments for in-county and cross-county trips that anyone, regardless of ability or income, can take advantage of in order to access healthcare, jobs, education, quality nutrition, and social activities.


What role does it play?

The Alliance draws on the experiences of transportation-disadvantaged populations and collectively works toward removing barriers to access and bringing about meaningful change to the region’s transportation network, so that it meets the needs of all Southwestern Pennsylvania residents.

With SPC staff functioning as facilitator, the Alliance is helping to advance ideas included in the Coordinated Transportation Plan and SPC’s regional long range plan, SmartMoves for a Changing Region. Both plans envision a comprehensive, integrated transportation system whose range of services support the health, mobility, activity, and participation of every resident across their lifespan. And all available transportation options will be accessible, to the greatest extent possible, by anyone, regardless of their age, ability, or income.


Who benefits from the work it does?

First and foremost, the Alliance for Transportation Working in Communities places their emphasis on the expressed needs of people that fall outside the margins - seniors, persons with disabilities, and low income individuals. These particular populations have the same mobility needs as anyone else but, often times, they’re not able to transport themselves due to age, physical or mental capabilities, and/or financial means.

Broadly speaking, the Alliance contends that EVERYONE benefits from the group’s hard work, mainly because:

If the transportation system is designed to adequately serve the more vulnerable populations, then by extension, the access needs of everyone in the middle should be met as well.


What is its transportation standard?

In its endeavor to strengthen mobility and accessibility throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania, the Alliance for Transportation Working in Communities established a new transportation standard – one that is all about Embracing Change and ensuring Greater Access through Smarter Service Delivery across the region’s ten counties. Implementation of the group’s recommended strategies will bring us closer to attaining the regional goal of a multimodal transportation network that makes seamless travel possible in urban, suburban, and rural environments and provides sufficient access to opportunities and daily living needs.

Click below to download the Southwestern Pennsylvania Public Transit-Human Services Coordinated Transportation Plan

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