GALILEO GALILEI historical context

Galileo was important for quite a few discoveries. His career in science began when he began to study as a mathematician. One of his largest contributions to astronomy was the discovery of the telescope. The telescope became a huge sensation. His refinement of the telescope allowed for the observations of the sky. From his observations with his telescope, Galileo discovered a long list of things. These discoveries led Galileo to believe that the heliocentric model of the universe to be correct over Copernicus’s Earth-centered model.

At This Time Around the World:

1607 – Jamestown, Virginia is established as the first English settlement on the North American mainland. This is the very beginning of the United States.

1618 – The Thirty Years’ War begins around this time.

In this same year, Kepler proposes three laws of planetary motion.

John Napier (1550 – April 4, 1617) – A mathematician, John discovered logarithms in the year of 1614 near the end of his life. His other contribution to mathematics was the implementation of the decimal point in common usage in math.

In 1642 (end of Galileo life) English Civil War begins. Cavaliers, supporters of Charles I, against Roundheads, parliamentary forces. Oliver Cromwell defeats Royalists (1646). Parliament demands reforms. Charles I offers concessions, brought to trial (1648), beheaded (1649). Cromwell becomes Lord Protector (1653). Rembrandt paints his Night Watch.


A Dutch ship brings the first African slaves to British North America.

1609 - first Shakespeare's Hamlet perfomance.

In the same year

The Relation, the first newspaper, debuts in Germany.

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