Harn Museum Sparkstory Elana titen

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

Mali's piece in the Harn Museum titled "Cloth (brazin)" is made of hand-dyed cotton damask. This piece of artwork was created by African women. Bazin is a material widely know for its dying process and heavy, cotton fabric. Those who create on Bazin are celebrated because bazin is considered a "national treasure." I love Mali's technique within the Bazin in the way the fashion absorbs the dye and patterns. What predominately struck me at first was the purple tones in the cloth because purple is my favorite color. Also, I have a blanket at home very similar to this cloth in different colors, so I was immediately attracted to the homey feeling that the Bazin sent out. I also really love the pattern of the artwork and how simplistic it is. I think this work of art communicates how women in the Africa celebrate their vibrant and strong culture through art. I think the dots around and in the middle of the piece represent daily life, and the stripes and diamonds on the top and bottom represent what African women strive for which is equality, peace, and freedom.

Cloth (bazin) - Mali

Design of the Museum

The most appealing exhibit to me in the Harn Museum was the Frida Kahlo exhibit. I have always been so fascinated with Frida Kahlo ever since I was a child, so getting to see her work up close and personal was such a treat for me. Kahlo's exhibit in the museum was designed with such simplicity and delicate coloring. The exhibit was filled with solid blue, green, and white walls. When you entered the room, the majority of the lighting was fixed on the photo below. What intrigued me most about the exhibit was its coloring compared to the rest of the Museum and how the front image glowed throughout the small hall leading up to the exhibit. The lightening could not help but lure me in completely intrigued. When I was inside the exhibit, I felt really connected to art for one of the first times. I have always loved Kahlo's art, bright colors, and loved how they contrasted her color work with her black and white work based on what color wall it was hung on.

Frida on Bench - Nickolas Muray

Art and Core Values

One of my core values that I was raised with was honestly and oddly I see so much of that value in this artwork. "The Grove" by Carl Robert Holty is an abstract impression of the endless possibilities of art by jaxapositioning the geometric shapes within the artwork. I explore the topic of honesty in this piece because for me, honestly is to be truthful and completely open with yourself and others. I see that openness with the coloration in the artwork and how from the middle to the outside, the darkness grows lighter. I interpret that color contrast as a willingness to open up and go outside of the box to be honest and truthful. Looking at "The Grove," I felt happy to be experiencing this painting in the museum and believe it helps me understand how art can be interpreted in so many ways as long as the artist is honest with him or herself in its meaning and design.

The Grove - Carl Robert Holty

Art and the Good Life

This artwork titled, "Mujeres descansado" by Francisco Zúñiga was the only piece of artwork in the museum after I had walked around three times that captured my eye and said, "This is the good life." Zúñiga is a Mexican artist known for depicting common people in Mexico and their role in society, particularly women's roles. I see the theme of fighting for the good life in this piece because I can sense the women are striving for more. There faces are somber and staring off into the distance waiting for something better and happier to come. They are struggling to fight for a better life and are in a lull of what to do. I love that we were able to do this theme in class now that I see this piece of artwork because I understand how hardships are a very significant part of attaining the good life.

Mujeres descansado (Women Resting) - Francisco Zúñiga

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