North Perth PS Newsletter February 2020

Message from the Principal

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our families for the 2020 school year. I would especially like to welcome all new students and parents to our school community. We are looking forward to a wonderful year ahead. As you can see we are trialing a new format for our school newsletter to make it easier for you to keep up with what is happening at North Perth Primary School.

It is an exciting time for staff as we focus on the delivery of targeted teaching and learning programs to ensure maximum progress for all students in 2020. We are committed to working together to continually improve our professional knowledge and practice to achieve what we have stated in our Business Plan and School Improvement Action Plan. The key focus areas of our Business Plan are Excellence in Teaching and a Positive School Environment.

Over the past few months we have been focused on specific strategies outlined in our School Improvement Action Plan. Our main focus has been to develop a case management approach (targeted teaching) that uses robust data to assess what students know, implement targeted strategies to progress students and use data to identify how successful we have been. This will be the main focus of parent/teacher interviews later in the term. We have created a Values Committee to help develop a school culture that supports and promotes our school values of respect, responsibility, resilience and inclusivity. We look forward to sharing more with you about this exciting project.

I would like to welcome two new teachers to North Perth Primary School this year. Mrs Christine Hill joins us from Edgewater Primary school and will be teaching Year 3 in Room 1. Miss Claire Pratley joins us from Deanmore Primary School and will be our Year 5/6 teacher in Room 10. I know they already feel welcomed by our school community.

For a full staff list please click here.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of the parents involved in making the welcome back BBQ such a fantastic event. The dunk tank was a standout (even if a little dangerous).

School Development Days

Teaching staff officially came back to work on Thursday 30 January. We completed two full days of professional learning. The main focus was on developing our case management approach, more specifically how we use targeted teaching at North Perth Primary School. Main focuses of the two school development days were:

Case Management

This is a key focus area addressed at the end of 2019. In 2020 we are embedding the case management (targeted teaching) approach. This is to focus on:

1. Knowing where our students are at

2. Having a targeted plan to move them forward

3. Knowing when we have done it, and how well.

Staff pre-read the Grattan Institute article Targeted Teaching: How better use of data can improve student learning. In year level groups teachers presented key themes from allocated chapters. Guidelines are to be written for clarity of expectations.

Our session with Strength Heroes

Strength Heroes

Lloyd D’Castro, Victoria Bingham and Fiona Perrella presented a session to enhance our literacy of Growth Mindset and have some immediate strategies for use in our classrooms. We covered:

1. Neuroscience – why does it matter?

2. Growth v’s Fixed Mindset

3. What is the evidence underlying this approach?

4. The language of Growth Mindset

5. What does Growth Mindset look like at NPPS?

Effectively Teaching Reading

Vicki Briggs from Statewide Services presented a two-hour session on teaching of reading using the guided reading procedure. This session was a continuation of a session Vicki ran with staff last term.

Curriculum Teams

Both sets of curriculum leaders (Mrs Stretton and Mrs Costello for English and Mrs Whitney and Mrs Knee for Mathematics) presented operational plans and scope and sequence documents to teachers. They outlined expectations and whole school approaches to teaching Mathematics and English in 2020 at North Perth Primary School.

Upcoming Key Dates

Please note that assemblies will now be held on Friday mornings of even weeks at 8.50am.

  • Monday 10 March - School Board meeting 5.00pm school library
  • Friday 14 February - whole school assembly - Room 9 Year 6 - Year 6 leaders announced
  • Monday 17 February - P&C AGM and General Meeting 7.30pm school library
  • Thursday and Friday 5 & 6 March - school photo days
  • Thursday 12 March - Ride2School Day breakfast
  • Friday 13 March - whole school assembly - Room 15 Year 2
  • Friday 13 March - proposed open night/movie night *TBC with P&C
  • Monday 16 March - School Board meeting 5.00pm school library
  • Friday 20 March - National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence
  • Monday 23 March 2020 - early close 11.45am for parent/teacher meetings
  • Monday 17 February - P&C General Meeting 7.30pm school library
  • Friday 27 March - whole school assembly - Music
  • Whole school swimming lessons Pre-Primary to Year 6 in Weeks 9 and 10
  • Thursday 9 April - last day of Term 1
  • Wednesday 29 April - first day of Term 2 for students

Click here for the Term 1 Planner

Term Dates for Students 2020

Term 1: Monday 3 February – Thursday 9 April

Term 2: Wednesday 29 April - Friday 3 July

Term 3: Tuesday 21 July - Friday 25 September

Term 4: Tuesday 13 October – Thursday 17 December

Other Key Dates for 2020

  • Friday 31 July - Interschool Cross Country
  • Friday 4 September - Goonderup Day Year 1-6
  • Friday 11 September - Early Childhood Sports Day
  • Tuesday 22 September - Interschool Athletics Carnival
  • Wednesday 21 to Friday 23 October - Year 6 Camp Ern Halliday
  • Wednesday 16 December - Year 6 Graduation 7.00pm

Year 1-6 Timetable Change

Please be aware that Friday's timetable has changed to align with the rest of the week. This means that lunch will be at 1.10pm on Fridays as well.

Welcome Back BBQ

The Welcome Back BBQ was a fantastic way to ease back into the routines of school for another year.

Some of the action

Get to Know Your Teachers

Year 6 Graduation Award Winners 2019

Citizenship Awards - Evan B and Anjali B

Encouragement Awards - Cloe K and Saskia B

English Award - Laura C

Mathematics Award - Pero T

Science Award - Rex P

HASS Award - Nick R

Technologies - Tully C

LOTE French - Award Nana M

Sportsperson Award - Zoe H

Art Award - Sofia N

Music Award - Mira V

Dux 2019 - Tully C

Our 2019 Year 6 Graduation Class
Thank you to our 2019 Year 6 class for their gift of pots and succulents for our newly shaded courtyard.