Making the modern world HW, Unit 4, Lesson 3

Do you know the difference between the words "invention" and "discovery"?

Are the following things in the pictures inventions or discoveries?

telephone, computer, electricity

And what about these - inventions or discoveries?

planets, fire, gravity
If you've answered "inventions" to the first group of pictures (telephone, computer, electricity), and "discoveries" to the second group (fire, planets gravity) - you are right!

Invention - when someone makes something new that wasn't there before.

Discovery - when someone finds something that was there all along but no one knew about it.

Read the text about the wheel, books, p. 76, and then watch a short video about the invention of the wheel.

Read the text about the compass, book, p. 76 and then watch a short video about the invention of the compass.

Read the text about the printing press, book, p. 76 and then watch a short cartoon video about Gutenberg and his printing press.

After reading the texts and watching the videos, copy and answer the four questions from task 2b, book, p. 76, into your notebooks.

Listen to Raj talking about the discovery of penicillin, 4.8 and then watch a short video about Alexander Fleming and the discovery of penicillin.

Workbook time! On p 110 there are some more inventions and discoveries for you to learn! (ex. 1a and 1b)

Do you know that the London Eye is Europe's tallest cantilevered observation wheel, popularly known as Ferris wheel?

Why Ferris wheel? A Ferris wheel is a large, vertical wheel in an amusement park with seats that stay horizontal as the wheel turns round. It was named after its inventor, bridge builder George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. Therefore, all these kinds of wheels are called Ferris wheels.

The London Eye has 32 ovoidal capsules that represent one of the London boroughs and can hold up to 25 people who are free to walk around the capsule. One spin takes about half an hour. Take a tour and see for yourself!

Your turn! Your task is to choose a discovery or an invention and to make a presentation about it (you can use Spark Adobe, Power Point, Canva...).

You have to answer these questions: 1. What is the name of the inventions/discovery? 2. Who invented/discovered it? 3. When and where was it invented/discovered? 4. Where was it first used? 5. How did it develop? 6. How did it change the lives of people? 7. Did it influence the discovery/ invention of some other things?

When presenting it follow these instructions: 1. Start with a greeting (Hello, Good morning...) 2. Introduce the topic (I'm going to talk about..., My presentation is about...) 3. Talk about the main part (talk about your topic) 4. Give conclusion - you repeat the main point ( To sum up..., To recap...,) 5. End with a closing remark (Thank you for listening. Thank you for your attention.)

Thank you for your attention!
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