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Lighting is an essential element in any great project but finding the right product that matches the style and mood of the interior is not always easy.

We therefore are always seeking lighting that is technically excellent, stylish and timeless. In this Product Update we have collected a selection of some of the most beautiful fittings available on the market. We only work with brands where we have seen, tested or used their products and where we are confident the quality and design is of the best.

Let us start a conversation where you tell us "What do you want to see?"

Lighting from some of the great brands we sell....

We can only whet your appetite with this slide show. For details on how we can enhance your projects please call us or email us - we would love to enlighten you.

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"What do you want to see?"

MP Lighting

Architectural light fittings of outstanding quality and design made with great attention to detail for interior and exterior applications.

L46 Step Lighting
L17 Wall Light
L52 Cabinet Light
L225 Spot Lights


Great quality and design from Italian manufacturer Exenia. The collection includes functional and decorative fittings suitable for both commercial and residential projects.

Museo Adjustable Spot Light
Flat Wall Light
Go Pendant Downlights
Pluriel Twin Spot Light


Precision lighting from a German manufacturer, modern in style but can be used to stunning effect in traditional interiors.

Sento Wall Light
Mito Pendant Light
Sento Pendant Light
Sento Wall/Ceiling Light

Cressida & Rose

Cressida and Rose are an English manufacturer producing beautifully crafted wall lights suitable for bathroom or garden use. Their attention to detail is exquisite and combines beautifully with the filament LED lamps.

Cube Wall Light
Berlin Wall Lantern
Windsor Wall Lantern
Lampholder - Attention to Detail

Catellani & Smith

Where light and art meet in a splendid fusion of technical achievement and playful design. Catellani & Smith are the epitome of the fusion of light and art.

Luci d'Oro
Post Krisi
Sypha Garden Light


iGuzzini are an Italian manufacturer producing excellent LED fittings for both interior and exterior projects. They have a vast range of products that solve problems for the lighting designer.

Palco Framer Spot
Laser Blade
Laser Blade Pendant
Lander Alto

Davide Groppi

"Light to see and feel people and space. Light like a vision, but also like a feeling. Light expressing mystery, deep reflection and seduction." Davide Groppi

Dot Wall Light
Moon Pendant
Foil Uplight

Vaughan Designs

Light fittings that are essentially English and classic in style where attention to detail, scale and finish is all important.

Flanders Horn Wall Light
Star Wall Light
Dutch Chandelier
Bronze Phoenix Table Light

So - "What do you want to see?"

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