Made in Cornwall 28th june 2017- a blog post from the penlee cluster interns

Sarah: I experienced childhood joys and enthusiasm today (19 July) as I went for the morning assembly at St. Mary's school Penzance. The theme of the term is wisdom and the morning gave the kids ample time and opportunity to think creatively. Having been given a paper clip, the kids thought of how the item can be put to use alternatively and creatively. And they came up with more than 30 different ideas in ten minutes! Phew! that's a lot. And that too without Google Search! LOL! It was great to see them in their raw form - thinking aloud and without boundaries - undiluted and untouched by conventionalism.

Josh: I had some good rest at home last week, being my brother's birthday I treated him to meal in Salisbury with my parents. It was a funny day since we decided to do a bit of shopping too but every 10 minutes or so we would lose track of where our parents had gone. A few years ago we would have been very worried and I'm sure so would our parents but now we just pull out a mobile phone and try and contact them. I'm also fairly certain that had we been younger my parents wouldn't have left us alone in the first place! I'm the eldest of three brothers and for all intents and purposes have left home now but there's always something comforting about knowing exactly where your parents are. Even more so, knowing that God is present in all our situations here in Penzance and anywhere is a great comfort to many.

Last week I was in Birmingham taking part in “healing on the street”. The Christian street team met at a café in Birmingham New Street to prepare ourselves to pray for people who might ask for God’s healing: physically, emotionally or relationally. We, like many others in the team, had a number of encounters when we were very aware of the healing power of God.

One man asked for healing for his leg. Another asked for healing for headache….and then asked for prayers of healing for his 16 year old daughter who was not with him but had behavioural issues. Later we learnt that the man emailed in to say that his daughter seemed to be so much better. We thank God for his power to heal, mend and reconcile lives that are broken. We thank God too for the privilege being able to be part of this wonderful ministry.

Our experience of healing ministry continued on Sunday when we returned to the Penzance area. There was a special service of healing at St. Peter’s church, Newlyn. Toward the end of worship we were given the opportunity to ask God for healing or to ask for prayers for situations we wanted help with.


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