The Good G By David ANTHONY and josh hegemann

In school hallway there was a nerd, who was calmly reading his book. Little did he know that his life was about to change forever. The last bell of the school day rang out and he missed his bus. So he needed to walk home.
But suddenly a well mafia gang came out of the shadows of a nearby alley and mugged the student.
As the nerd lay on the side of the street dying his best friend drove by. The nerd cried out "Ricky help me". Ricky looked right at the injured nerd and continued driving.
Next the nerd's dad drove by and saw his son laying on the side of the street. He could see his son needed help, but he remembered what life was like without kids and drove away.
Kelpy G, who was hated by all the residents of the city because they didn't like smooth jazz walked by. He saw the nerd and instantly stopped and played smooth jazz to heal him. Then Kelpy took the nerd home and gave the nerd's parents 600 British pounds so they could take care of them

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