Scientific notebook By dakota meyer

This is my scientific notebook on all of the good and bad things that happened during my building of my prosthetic arm\hand.

#1 My first idea was making it out of k'nex but then I realized I can't do that because it wont be able to pick up a lot of materials as i want it to, it will most likely fall through it. like money and things along those lines.

#2 I was also thinking then what would work? So I looked online for an idea and I found a video, and the video was very helpful. It showed you ideas of how and what to do to make the prosthetic that I made.

#3 I built the prosthetic, and as you can see it's obviously pretty bad, but it was something fun to build.

#4 I had two simple problems when building this prosthetic. It was keeping the cardboard straight so I put duck tape on it to keep it straight and non bendable.

#5 The last problem I had was the finger placement and how they would stay in control of the arm\hand. I thought what would possibly last kind of long. What came to my mind was rings so I got some of them and It worked out.

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