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Nepal is in Asia which is in the Northern Hemisphere. It borders India, China and, Thimphu. It's capital is Kathmandu 77 east and 27 north.

Physical Characteristics

Nepal is in the Temperate Zone. Nepal has two of the tallest/biggest mountains that include the world's highest mountain Mount Everest and the third highest mountain Kanchenjunga.


Nepal's population is 30,986,975. It is a medium population. The world rank is 41st. Nepal's population density is 579 it is not that crowded the population density rate is 58th. The growth rate is growing slow the fertility rate is 1.82%. It's 5 largest cities include Kathmandu, Pokhara, Latitpur, Biratnager, and Birganj. Nepal is more urban than rural. More people are leaving Nepal because Nepal has barely any jobs and it running low on money.


Nepal is developing because the GDP per capita is $1,500 and it needs to be larger. Also the life expectancy is 67.19 years that's not that high. The literacy rate is only 57.4% that is not that high either.


This is called a Lumbini it is where the Buddah was born.

Nepal's main languages are Nepali (official) 44.1%, Maithali 11.7%, Bhojpuri 6%, Tharu 5.8%, and Tamang 5.1%. The main religions in Nepal are Hinduism 81.3%, Buddism 9%, Muslim 4.4%, Kirant 3.1%, and Christain 1.4%.

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