PORTRAIT's by: kayla wagner

My Choice: Tight Shoot. This is tight shoot because it's very close up and it focuses on the sticky note thats taped onto her forehead.
My choice: rule of thirds. its the rule of thirds because it's not in the center of the picture and it wouldn't have looked the same if it was in the middle.
My Choice: Playing with light. It's this one because it doesn't display all of the bright colors that was originally here.
without flash this is without flash because it captures the warm lighting of the processed light. There's no main focal point in this photo.
against the wall because terrance is sitting up against the wall in the chair. He's looking at the camera with the plant up against the wall.
this is an photo outside because he is outside of the school. He is on the grounds by the main enterance.
This is away from the wall, because its not on top of the wall. There's will a wall but its further away from the subject.
this is Natural Light from the Window because Terrance is standing in front of a window. Ithas warm and natural lighting coming through
This is with flash because it captures more of the light images as the focus and the dark objects are made to look darker.
Subjects Environment. this is subjects environment because it students working on their work inside of the classroom, on the floor.
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