The lōihi seamount By bailey and abby

We went to Hawaii to see the lōihi seamount and we went scuba divine to see it and it was incredible. We stayed in Naalehu, which is the closest city to the lōihi seamount. Surprisingly, it only has 866 people and is only 22.6 miles from the lōihi seamount.

Scuba diving
Underwater Hawaii

When we were there we learned a few things like the lōihi seamount is near Hawaii and is an active submarine volcano. Its last eruption was in 2007. Lōihi means long in Hawaii and it's the newest of the volcanos in Hawaii

This is a diagram of an erupting underwater volcano
Hawaii map

We also learned that The lōihi seamount is 3000 feet below sea level. The closest city to the lōihi seamount is naalehu Hawaii and it is a very small place with only 866 people currently living in there. The distance is 22.6 miles from the lōihi seamount to the city of Naalehu. We thought it was very interesting that it is an underwater volcano

The sunset near a cliff jump

We heard about this main attraction and decided to check it out. It was very beautiful and worthwhile.

The most destructive eruption was in 1996 where it had one of the worst swarm of earthquakes ever recorded it lasted two months of the summer

It is on the slope of the manua loa volcano and It is a hot spot.

The underwater volcano lōihi seamount
A main attraction at Naalehu
A map of Hawaii
A side veiw of Hawaii

Although the lōihi seamount is not a huge known volcano we still thought it was pretty cool






Live science


Hawaii travel


Any questions??
Thank you

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