Juan ponce de leon by cash m

  • Juan ponce de leon was born in 1460 in Sentaverez, Spain
  • Juan was a explorer/soldiger and so I'm assumeing that going to islands was a buisnes trip
  • Juan went to North America to find gold while here he heard about a fountain of youth in the island of *Bimini
  • his sponsor was Spain, as shown by the dart shown here >>>>>>>>>
  • *a island close to Central America
  • his exploration was from Spain to Bimini (between you and me he didn't make it) well actually we don't know if he made it or not cause he died in 1521 and it couldn't have died of age
Juan ponce de leon had sailed to Bimini but it was really Florida (well like they say "shoot for the Moon end on the Stars" or florida.) when Ponce De Leon basically said Florida's is Spain's turf! and the Indians were like hu-uh we've lived here for thouands of millions of years! so that started a battle and Juan died in that battle but he still named it Florida.


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