Emily Scharps My little story

Hello! My name is Emily Scharps. I was born in Florida, but grew up in the suburbs right outside of Atlanta. After my sophomore year of high school half of my family moved up to Blacksburg when my step dad took a job at Virginia Tech. My older brother and sisters stayed in Georgia, while my younger brother and I moved to Virginia with our parents.

I am one of five children, so when two of us moved to Virginia and the other three stayed in Georgia it was difficult. Fortunately, I have a really strong family that sticks together no matter how far the distance. So now we root for Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech. Although a large part of me will always live in Georgia, in the five or six years I have lived in Virginia, I have fell in love with the greenery and beautiful nature trails like the cascades.

Radford University

I attended New River Community College my first year of college, and will be spending a total of four years at Radford University. I am majoring in early childhood education with a concentration in special education, and I am graduating with my Bachelors in May of 2017. The summer after I graduate I will be working towards my Masters in Education, and I should be graduating in May of 2018.

I am pursuing a career with children, because I could never see myself in any other profession. I began babysitting at 12 years old, and I got my first real job working with young children in a church nursery when I was 17. After taking early childhood classes in high school I knew I wanted to go to college to learn how to better work with children. I have been working at a daycare in Blacksburg for the past three years which has only furthered my aspirations. In the next 5 - 10 years I hope to be teaching in a public school system. I would like to teach between kindergarten and third grade in a typically developing classroom. Since my degree will allow me to work in a variety of settings, I also would like to see myself actively participating with low-income families,the special education field, and in high risk areas.

Things that bug me...

These two pictures above are definitely things that bug me, but I do not hate. I am not a fan of sushi, but I have probably tried one or two California rolls that were not too bad. Also, I did not grow up around country music. When I first moved to Virginia it always bugged me when someone would play a country song. After living here for several years I have become accustom to one or two songs. I honestly do not hate very many things and have an open mind set.

Important things in my life

It is hard to narrow down the important things in my life, but this picture paints a pretty good representation. My mom has supported me throughout my entire life. The teacher education program has allowed me form the closest friends I have ever had. We collaborate ideas and encourage each other to keep going.

The picture of me reading to my friends daughter while simultaneously trying to do homework accurately represents two of the three most important things I juggle in life. While I love learning about children, some assignments become difficult when you are always assisting the needs of children. I am very passionate about both school and children. My third passion is sleeping. I have learned that working with children all day drains all of your energy.

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