Cause and Effects of Exploration Ashlyn Clausen - Meninga History P.3B - 13 march 2017

Discovery of America
The causes to the Discovery of America, include an Italian Navigator, Christopher Columbus. The Italian Navigator had previously read Marco Polo's book, Wonders of the World. Columbus had shortly informed the King of Spain of a "shortcut" he knew of to the spice islands. The King and Queen of Spain took this claim into consideration & by supporting it they agreed to finance Columbus's voyages, as long as Christopher Columbus provided spice from the islands.
The effects to the Discovery of America is in 1492 when Christopher Columbus sailed for the spice islands. Christopher Columbus had taken the route West, instead of North, East or South. Columbus had the knowledge, from Marco Polo's book, that there was no islands in the direction of West. He landed in what he believed was in the (East) Indies, but what was actually the Bahamas. Columbus continued to explore the Caribbean, but to his knowledge was the Indies. At this time Christopher Columbus discovered new spices such as; sugar, which created a newing of Spice. The Italian Navigator, Christopher Columbus, died May 20, 1506 from heart failer. He never knew or acknowledged that he had discovered the New World or as we call it today, America.
Spain Colonization of America
The cause of the Spain Colonization of America is the Spanish Conquest in 1530. When it was the Aztecs then the Incas that where invaded by the soldiers of the Spanish conquistador, Francisco Pizarro. When the Spanish soldiers had been venturing the land and the Aztecs had saw them as a threat and war had been brought upon the Spanish soldiers. The spanish killed the Aztecs with their guns and being able to "ride on animals."
The effects of The Spanish and Aztecs lead to more spices and improvement on the weaponry the possessed. It as well improved the way we traveled and many more improovments.
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