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Map of Niger


Location- Western Africa

Natural Resources- Uranium, Coal, Iron Ore, Tin, Phosphates, gold, molybdenum, gypsum, salt, and Petroleum

Bordering countries- Libya, Algeria, Benin, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Chad

Climate- Desert; Mostly hot, dry, dusty; tropical in extreme South

Landforms/features- The landscape is characterized by deserts, sand dunes, uplands and hills. Only 2% of the land is covered with forests and woodlands.



  • Ethnic Groups- The largest Ethnic groups in Niger are the Hausa, they also constitute the major ethnic group in Northern Nigeria and the Zarma Songhay. These parts are found in Mali, both groups are sedentary farmers who live in the Arable, Southern Tier.
  • Religion- Islam is the dominant religion in Niger and practiced by 94% of the population. Other religions practiced are Animism and Christianity.
  • Dress/Clothing- Common clothing for women are wrap dresses or skirts made from bright patterned cloth and a scarf wrapped around the head. Tradition clothing for men is a long gown similar to the boubou seen in many parts of West Africa. But on a regular daily basis it is usually just a T-shirt with long pants.

Primary language spoken- French

Life expectancy- 57 years

Population- 18,638, 600


Form of government- Semi/ presidential system

Current leader- Mahamadou Issoufou

Capital city- Niamey


Currency and exchange rate- 0.93 Euro

Major cities- The major city of Niger which is Niamey was built in the 1970's located along Islam avenue. This city has many concerts and festivals. Niamey has attractions for example, the Grande Marche which is a famous market area in the place. Another major city in Niger is Zinder, Zinder has lots of holiday parties. A famous landmark in Zinder is Termit Massif which is another attraction. This landmark has lots of holiday parties.


Niger is a country in West Africa that was colonized by the British. In the 1960's Niger achieved independence. This happened because France finally agreed to Niger becoming fully independent.

Historical Events-

  • In 1960, July 11th Ivory Coast, Dahomey, Upper Volta and Niger declare independence.
  • 1973 January 1st West African Community formed Benin, Ivory Coast, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, and Upper Volta.
  • On January 5th, 1973 Mali and Niger break diplomatic relations with Israel.
  • 1989 September 19th French DC-10 crashes near Niger, 171 die.
  • 1999 April 9th Ibrahim Bare Mainassara, President of Niger, is assassinated.

Historical figure

The most well known person in Niger is Muhamadou Issoufou. He is the president of Niger and has been since 2011. And he was born in 1951, lives southeast of Nigeria. He has been a candidate in each presidential election since 1993. Now he has accomplished being president.


Hunting has ruined the population of wildlife in Niger. In 2001, the country banned hunting in an effort to save the hippos, lions, and giraffes. The national symbol of Niger is a Gazella. There are 136 mammal species in Niger. The wildlife protected areas of the country total about 21 million acres, which is 6.6% of the land area of the country.


Meals in Niger usually start with colorful salads made from seasonal vegetables. There meals usually consist starch, with rice being the most popular paired with sauce or stew. The stews are usually made with vegetables because meat is very scarce.

Family life

The life in Niger is an everyday struggle. Everyday women fill containers with water and bring the containers back to storage. The water is not very clean so it causes major health risk. Some people have no choice but to drink standing water so their health is not at risk.


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