Pastor Ken gave his life to Jesus Christ on November 30th, 1997 in San Diego, California at Horizon Christian Fellowship. After many years of hardship and heartbreak, Ken realized that every attempt to fill his hurting heart failed because it was missing the love of Jesus. On that late November evening, God gave Ken a new heart filled with God’s love! Since then every day is lived in gratitude for saving him from hopelessness. Not only did God breathe life into Ken, but May (his girlfriend at the time) gave her heart to Jesus one month later! Over the next few months, God transformed their once miserable relationship, into a Christ-centered engagement. Then in April of 2000, God joined Ken and May together in marriage.

In February of 2006, God moved Ken, his loving wife May, and their two wonderful kids (Kaleb and Nia) from California to San Antonio, Texas. In 2007, they were blessed with another beautiful child, Faith Evangeline (a.k.a. Faithee). In 2012, they were blessed with yet another child, Malani Joy.

On Monday nights, you can stop by the Men’s Bible Study, which Pastor Ken has been teaching since 2008.



Pastor Juan Ortiz came to the Lord in 2001. He started teaching at the school in 2006. Juan is now the missions pastor, and he also plans the Joy of Jesus Outreaches. His wife, Lachelle, and two children, Jaqui and Johnny, all serve faithfully in the church.



In 1989 Will began his relationship with his wife Natasha. In 1991 they had their first child while Will was still attending high school. Will went on to pursue an education but in 1992 dropped out of college. Due to his lifestyle of sin Will’s life continued on a downward spiral causing many years of pain for his wife and kids to the point his marriage was on the brink of a divorce. It was at that time, in July of 1999, Will was finally willing to listen to the voice of God.

Will began to do things God’s way and in 2000 God called him to ministry. He has been serving here at CCSA ever since and is currently Principal of Calvary Chapel Christian Academy.

Will and Natasha now have four children and a tremendous amount of joy in their lives as they continue to do things God’s way as a family. Each of their children attend CCCA with the exception of Allysse, their oldest child, who graduated from CCCA in 2009 and attended the University of North Texas.



Pastor Alain came to know the Lord in 1996 at a Harvest Crusade in San Diego. Prior to moving to San Antonio, Alain and his wife Jocelyn served at Calvary Chapel of San Diego doing Worship and Children’s Ministry. Not knowing what God had planned for them, He and his family moved to San Antonio in 2005. A year later, the Lord made it clear that Alain was to be the next Worship Leader of CCSA. In 2007, he left a career of 9 years in Broadcast Radio to teach 3rd grade at the Church Academy. He and his wife have four children, Matthew, Ashley, Jonathan, and Timothy.



Donnelly gave his life to the Lord Jesus at 17 years old after being run over by a pick-up truck in Austin, Texas. He arose from the accident without a bump, bruise, or scratch causing him to seek why God spared his life. Three days later he found himself in a Christian church hearing the gospel and discovering God’s great love for him that was shown in Jesus.

Desiring for others to hear of the great love of God he began a Christian Urban Music ministry. Known to his friends and family as Nelly, he did concerts and outreaches sharing the love of God through music. It was through this ministry that he met his wife Michelle in 2006. They married and began attending Calvary Chapel of San Antonio in 2009. Soon after, they began to serve in the youth ministry in whatever ways the Lord allowed. It’s here the Lord was increasing their desire to love and serve the youth.

In 2010 Nelly joined the staff of Calvary Chapel Christian Academy where he now serves as a teacher. As a part of this ministry his love for the youth grew even greater. In addition to teaching at the Academy, he now serves as the Youth Leader over the High School ministry at Calvary Chapel of San Antonio.



Pastor Cris Garcia was born and raised in Michoacan, Mexico. At the age of 16 years old he came to the US. In 1987 he would meet and marry his wife Elvira. That would be the year she became a believer. In 1999 he would attend a bible study with Pastor Chuck Smith, not knowing that would be the day of his salvation, he became a believer that night. But it would be in 2003, when he completely surrendered all, his soul and mind to serve him. The Lord would lead his family to move to San Antonio, Texas in 2005. They began attending Calvary Chapel of San Antonio in 2006 and began serving under Pastor Ron Arbaugh.



Pastor Alfredo Aguilar gave his life to Jesus on April 15, 2000 at the Rock Church in San Diego, California. Born and raised there, Alfredo eventually left friends and family for San Antonio, Texas in June of 2006 – a move he believed to be directed by God. Though the change was difficult and not without some heartache, the Lord was faithful to carry him through it all, and today Alfredo is dedicated to serving Him and all who come through the doors of CCSA.

Pastor Alfredo has four children – Gian, Victoria, Kacy, and Veronica – and serves alongside his beautiful wife Sundra in the Junior High Ministry as well as many other areas of need.



bios forthcoming







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