MOANA By Maria Garcia

A small pounamu stone that is the mystical heart of the island goddess, Te Fiti, is stolen by the win and sea demigod, Maui, but he lost it in the sea.
Moana, daughter and heir of the chief on the small Polynesian island of Motunui, is chosen by the ocean to receive the heart and return it to the place where it belongs.
Moana had always wanted to go beyond the ocean, wanted to explore, but she afraid, and one day she go to the beach and took a boat and went to the ocean where his father for bade her to go disobeying father consequences. A storm arrives where Moana drops her to the sea. Moana was so scared that she was insure about go back to the ocean again.
Moana's grandmother, Tala, shows Moana a secret cave behind a water fall where she finds boaats inside and discovers her ancestors were voyagers, sailing and discovering new islands across the world. Tala explains that they stoppes voyaging, because Maui stole the heart of Te Fiti, causing monsters to appear in rge ocean. Tala then says Te Ka's darkness has been spreanding from island to island, slowly killing them. Talafalls ill, and with her dying breaths, tells Moana to set sail.
Moana and her pet rooster, Hei-hei, depart in a trip to find Maui. After a typhoon wave flips her sailboat and knocks her unconscious, she awakens the next morning on an island inhabited by Maui.
Sentient coconut pirates called kaka-mora surround the boat and steal the heart, but Moana and retrieve it. Maui agrees to help return the heart, but only after he reclaims his hook, which is hidden in Lala-tai, the Realm of monsters.
Moana and Maui went to get the hook. They had to go to a place full of monsters. At last they found the hook, but there was a problem was in the shell of a giant crab. Moana distracted the monster and Maui was able to take the hook. Together they went back to take their long.
Moana and Maui had already reached their destination. The plan was that Maui would take care of defeating Te-Ka, she fought back, causing the hook the Maui to almost break. Which forced Maui to give up helping Moana.
Maui was so annoyed by what happened to his hook that he told Moana many things that hurt her, Moana wanted to retorn to face Te-Ka, but Maui did not support her and just left.
Moana had already surrendered, she told the sea that she was not the right person to restore the heart, that the sea had gotten upset when she chose it and let the sea take stone and take it to the deepest depths.
When Moana had already surrendered. The spirit of Tala comes to her and encourages Moana to find her true calling within herself. Inspired Moana retrieves the heart and returns to Te-Fiti alone.Maui having had a chance of heart, returns and distracts the lava demon, but his hook is destroyed in the battle. Realizing that Te-Ka is a corrupted Te-Fiti without her heart, Moana asks the ocean to clear a path for Te-Ka to approach her. Moana then sings a song to help Te-Ka remember who she truly is, and she allows Moana to restore her heart. Te-Ka returns and gives a new boat to Moana and a new magical fish-hook to Maui before returning to her island form.
Moana bids farewell to Maui and returns to her recovering island with Hei-hei. Later, the villagers and Moana(who becomes their new chief) begin voyaging and set sail in search of new islands.


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