China's Dynasties By: PArker Sheddan

Shang Dynasty- The Shang lasted 600 years. It started in 1700 b.c. and ended in 1100 b.c. They used oracle bones. The Shang also made pottery and silk. They did human and animal sacrifices to the gods. They also used bronze for cerimonial things.
Zhou Dynasty- They ruled from 1050 b.c. to 256 b.c.- They lasted 794 years. We know of the Shang's downfall because of the Zhou's written records. After the Zhou defeated the Shang they claimed they had the MOH (Mandate Of Heaven). The MOH is the right to rule. During the period between 475 b.c. and 221 b.c. there was war and conflict between military leaders. This was a time of destruction and is now known as The Warring States Period.
Qin dynasty- 221-207. They lasted only 14 years. The Qin believed in Legalism. In Legalism everbody was cruel. If you were a Legalist you believed that everybody should obey by cruelty. There leader named himself Shi Huang De, this means first emporer. He developed the first version of the Great Wall of China. In the beginning there was a lot of war but the Qin united China. Shi Huang De wanted everything to be the same in his kingdom so he standardized many things. To standardize is to make everything the same. For example he made all the currency the same. When Shi Huang De died he wanted to be protected in the afterlife so before he died he had 5,000 terracotta warriors made to protect him. Only three years after he died his empire fell.
Han dynasty- 206 B.C.-194 A.D.- lasted 400 years. Liu Bang a military general helped overthrow the Qin. After the first emperor lost all of the the Qin's harsh laws and was nice to his people. The Han also expanded greatly and a lot of this was done under the power of the fifth emperor Wudi. During this dynasty they created the silk road. The silk road ran through Asia and connected China to all of Central and Southwest Asia.

Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism

These three philosophies were telling people the way to live life. Confucianism: you should respect your elders and the government shouldn't be corrupt and take bribes. Daoism: They believed in the Dao the natural way of the universe. They also thought that the yin and yang were opposite forces working together to balance light and dark. Buddhism: The goal is to reach Nirvana(a state of peace). It is based on overcoming selfish desires.

Social hierarchies(top to bottom)

King,government officials, farmers and artisans

Ancestor worship

Some people believed if they took care of their ancestors they would treat them well. For example they had shrines to their ancestors and sometimes they would set out food or even burn "spirit money" for their ancestors. If they didn't take care and honor their ancestors bad things could come upon them.

Calligraphy- The art of producing decorative handwriting or lettering with a pen or brush. Seismometer- an instrument that measure the motion of the ground. Acupuncture- pricking the skin or tissue to alleviate pain. Originated in China. Lacquer- the sap of the lacquer tree used to varnish wood or other materials.

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