Ensure a safe workplace Part 2 of 4

Learning Outcome

In this second part you will learn about the health and safety personnel, their powers and how they endeavour to protect us from hazards at the workplace.

  • Section 1: Who are the Health & Safety Representatives?
  • Section 2: What powers and functions do they have?
  • Section 3: What are notifiable workplace incidents?

Section 1 - Health & Safety Personnel

Health and Safety Representatives

Health & Safety Representatives (HSR) represent the workers and employees in matters relating to health and safety at the workplace.

Watch this video below to learn about what they do.

Question: Do you know the Health and Safety Representative at your workplace?
Proper protection when cutting through steel.

Section 2: Powers & Functions of Health & Safety Representatives

If a Health and Safety Representative (HSR) has completed an approved HSR training, he or she can exercise additional powers, including

  • directing unsafe work to stop
  • issuing a 'Provisional Improvement Notice' (PIN)

HSR can enforce such powers, if they reasonably believe there is a contravention of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act).

For more information about work, health and safety please visit Safe Work Australia's Website.

Question: Can you state 3 tasks for which Health & Safety representatives are responsible?

Section 3: Workplace Incidents

Depending on the severity of a workplace incident, a report may have to be filed to the regulator. These notifiable incidents relate to any person and the rules governing them are outlined in the Australian Work Health & Safety Act.

Watch this short sequence to learn about notifiable incidents.

Question: Are you aware of any notifiable incident at your workplace?


In this part you have learned about the role of the Health and Safety Representatives and their responsibilities. You have also learned about notifiable workplace incidents and what to do when they occur.

You have concluded Part 2 of this introduction. Click the button below to go to Part 3, where you will learn about employers responsibilities under the Work, Health and Safety Act.


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