Broad square 6k E-safety By ch and cb

This game is for 18 plus for all ages

If you are to young for a game just wait until your the right age for the game that you want even if your friends have that game you just be the bigger person.

All these apps are 13+ pretty much for adults and teenagers

There are apps like face book and instargram don't go on them unless you turn your account private.

This is one off the worst bullying situations.
These are all ages for games that you are alawed to play
You don't have to bully because you can get involved in the police
This is a very bad hAck what real people are doing because they are called hackers. they hack ALLOT Every daY. If you get hacked online turn your account c to privet
This is a sign of stop bullying because people bully allot of people and little kids even bully and they think there all hard but there not.
Cyber bullYing is a bad thing to do

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