Harn Museum of Art sAVANNA oGBURN


The Harn Museum at the University of Florida is named after Samuel P. Harn's family donated roughly $3 million dollars to construct a art museum. The museum later opened in 1990. The Harn museum has a wide array of different types of art, from modern, contemporary, Asian, African, art. Furthermore, the museum has is home to permanent and temporary exhibits. Visiting the Harn museum was a great experience, I truly enjoyed looking at the variety of art.

Medium of the Art /Technique

The piece of work I chose to represent this topic of medium of art and technique is Louis Comfort Tiffany's Eighteen-Light Pond Lily Lamp. This lamp is truly amazing and beautiful featuring bronze and Farvile glass. The intricate work of the lily leafs are so stunning and how the lights glow through irradesciently is truly beautiful. Seeing this work in a picture of a book, would not do it justice. Being able to see the lights shine through the lily flowers allows you to really appreciate the work.

Photo of the Eighteen-Light Lily Lamp

Design of the Museum

My favorite wing or exhibit of the museum is the temporary exhibit is, "Mirror, Mirror...Portraits of Frida Kahlo". I was really excited about this exhibit because of my teacher in my Art History course in high school was very fascinated with Frida Kahlo, which translated into me. All of her works have some other message, and furthermore, she created controversial work in the time of the Red Scare which was honestly daring. What I loved about this exhibit was how the pictures of her ranged from black and white to color photos and showing a change in time. Additionally, the photos of Frida Kahlo showed her doing daily activities and alongside her husband, Diego Rivera, another famous artist. This exhibit also featured an informational movie about Frida Kahlo which is very helpful in understanding her life and works.

Art and Core Values

One of my core values is passion, which I believe is an important value to have. I have many different passions, but one of my passion is agriculture. And this painting, Champ D'Avoine (Oat Field) by Claude Monet is absolutely beautiful and it reminds me of agriculture. Furthermore, in person when you see this painting, the brushstrokes are very heavy and going in many different directions which makes me think of how passionate Monet must have been when he was painting this piece which furthers my appreciation of passion.

Oat Field by Monet

Art and the Good Life

The painting, Scene on Snake Key, Gulf Coast, by Herman Herzog represents the theme of Seeking the Good Life. In this painting, it appears that a man is walking with his dog in a remote area of Florida. Nonetheless, this reminds me of Walden emphasizing connecting with nature to achieve the "Good Life", and how Siddhartha wandered from teacher to teacher to find his "Good Life". Additionally, the man and his dog just look at peace and seem to be in no hurry, which comes across to me as he is just trying to enjoy himself. Even though this piece might seem boring to others,I find the scene of this picture very beautiful and evokes a sense of peace.

Scene on Snake Key, Gulf Coast by Herman Herzog

All photos were taken by myself, Savanna Ogburn, at the Harn Museum of Art

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