Everything You Need to Know about Photosynthesis & Respiration By, Carrianne Alva


Photosynthesis is the process in which plants make their own food by using energy from the sun to convert water, or H2O and carbon dioxide, CO2 into glucose, or sugar.

Equation for Photosynthesis

Words you Need to Know for Photosynthesis


The stem contains xylem and phloem, they create a passage between the roots a leaves giving the plants structure.

Xylem: Xylem is a plant tissue that transfers the water and minerals from the roots to the leaves.

Phloem: Phloem is a plant tissue that transfers sugar and other organic substances throughout a plant.


The roots of a plant absorb water and minerals from the soil.


The leaves of a plant a were photosynthesis takes place.

Chlorophyll: Chlorophyll is a green photosynthetic pigment found in plants

Chlroplast: Chloroplast is an organelle found in plants where photosynthesis occurs.

Organelle: An organelle is a very small cell structure that carries out a specific function within a cell.

Cell: A cell is a basic building block of all living things.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is a gas that is admitted by humans, animals, and from things that burn fossil fuels. Plants need to take it in, in order to preform photosynthesis.


Oxygen is a gas that is released by plants during photosynthesis.

Glucose or Sugar

Glucose, or sugar is the product of the chemical reaction that occurs during photosynthesis.

Cellular Respiration

Cellular respiration is the process that releases energy by breaking down glucose and other food molecules in th presence of oxygen.


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