Uranus By:Jacob bartlett

Dinameter 4 times bigger than earth from what we can tell with satilites.

Rotation 17 hours and 14 minutes according to earth time there it is a Whole lot longer.

Distance from sun 1,783,950,000 miles or 2,870,990,000 kilometers from Uranus to the sun.

Origin of planets name is the first god of the sky in Greek mythology.

Average surface temperuture is -323 F on the surface not the atmospere.

Intresting facts 60 full earths would fit in one Uranus.

2.Has 27 moons and five of them have water the rest don't.

3.Each season on Uranus last 21 years and in a year 84 earth years that is the differnce between the time.

4. Uranus has ring and also some of it's moons do but you can't see them.


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