"Of Mice and Men" Character Log By Ricardo per. 4


  • Lennie is a huge man with sloping shoulders.
  • Lennie is special because he forgot a lot of things
  • He loves to pet thing like mouses but he keeps on killing them accidentally
  • Lennie can't do things by him self so his friend George helps him out
  • Lennie is like the opposite of George but they both share the same dream.
  • Lennie dream is to live in a little house with a couple of acres an' a cow and some pigs an' live off the land
  • But most of all have rabbits or a dog


  • George is small and had strong features
  • He has slender arms, a think and bony nose
  • He is smart and is able to think fast to get out of stuff so he like the opposite of Lennie
  • George is protective to Lennie because they spent a lot of time together
  • George dream is just like Lennie's he dreams of living in a little house with a couple of acre an' a cow and some pigs an' live off the land
  • The part on where he says it is on page 14
  • George is sometimes mean to Lennie because of the things he does.


  • Candy is an old man that is missing his hand
  • Candy is a swapper and is also crippled
  • He had a dog that was a sheep herder but Carlson killed him
  • Candy fells sad that he wasn't the one who killed his dog and regretted letting a stranger do it
  • Candy fells uneasy because they killed this dog like nothing and he fells that they might do that to him
  • Candy over heard George and Lennie talking about there dream and wants in.
  • He said that he will hoe the garden,cook,and do little chicken stuff like that and offered them money too.
  • George says yes and then they said in one month they will able to do it and so he is exited.


  • Slim is known as the prince if the ranch because he is respected by everyone.
  • Slim is a highly skilled mule driver and is tall.
  • Slim doesn't have a dream and if he did it wasn't mentioned in the book or movie.
  • I think slim likes where he is at because he is like the prince if the ranch so he doesn't really need a dream.


  • Curly is a mean small young man with a brown face, brown eyes, and a head of tightly curled hair
  • Curly has a glove on the left side of this hand because he is keeping it soft for his wife.
  • Later on his right hand it crushed by Lennie's big hand but he had it coming so he has a cast on that hand.
  • His dream is to be big,strong, and the best.


  • Crooks is a colored man who lives in his own room because colored pepole and white people don't mix.
  • Crooks has a crooked back which was caused a horse kick.
  • Crook is the stable hand who takes care of the house and that is also where he lives
  • Crooks dream is to be treated equally because he is very lonely and when Lennie and candy started talikg about there dream he wanted in.
  • But Crooks then said nevermind because Curly's wife brought him back to reality.
  • Crooks at first was mean and didn't want anyone in his house but when Lennie started talking to him and he became a little nice afterwards. (pg. 66-84)
  • Crooks will be forever be alone because Lennie died so the house they were going to live in is off.

Curly's wife

  • Curly's wife isn't said in the book so we just call her curly's wife.
  • Curly's wife has red lips,red finger nails,a nasal brittle quality voice,and hair like sausages.(pg. 31)
  • She is the only woman in the ranch so her husband ,curly, doesn't like it when she goes off somewhere.
  • Curly's wife's dream is to be a actor for a show that would come to salinas but her mom wouldn't let her go because she was fifteen at the time. (pg. 88)
  • Her other dream was to be a movie star in Hollywood because she met a guy who said she was a natural and soon he was going back to Hollywood and he would write her a letter but she never got it.
  • She likes to talk to others but try to get away from her so they don't get on trouble with curly
  • Curly's wife is dead because Lennie snapped her neck by accident. Curly's wife told Lennie to feel her hair and Lennie did and didn't stop so she starts yelling and Lennie gets scared and starts holding on and covers her mouth and shakes her and kills her and that's how she dies. (pg. 90-91)

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