E S T H E S I S "BEST UNSIGNED BAND 2020" (Prog Magazine Reader's Poll)

Esthesis is a progressive / alternative rock band, created and led by French multi-instrumentalist Aurélien Goude (keyboards, vocals, guitars and bass). The current line up is composed of three other musicians : Baptiste Desmares (lead guitar), Marc Anguill (bass) and Florian Rodrigues (drums). Esthesis music is characterized by many influences (70's british rock, film score, ambient, metal, pop...) and primarily based on emotion and ambiences. They released their first EP "Raising Hands" in January 2019.

Their highly anticipated new album "The Awakening" is available since November 14th 2020 in a first limited and numbered CD edition, digital and streaming. The one-hour long album deals with the notion of identity (awakening, quest and loss of identity) and contains six new songs. "The Awakening" has been acclaimed by many rock webzines and magazines (Music Waves, Betreutes Proggen, Prog Wereld, MLWZ...), and Esthesis won the Prog Magazine Reader's Poll in December 2020 ("best unsigned band 2020").

Photos by Mathilde Collet (2020)


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PROG MAGAZINE (United Kingdom) - "The Awakening is an assured album, as sharp as a handshake with Edward Scissorhands, flitting between the lucid dreaming of Pink Floyd and the angular attack of Porcupine Tree. Esthesis’ heartbeat is more attuned to aura and feeling, the composition coloured by long brushstrokes. (…) A stellar springboard towards a bright future".

MUSIC WAVES (France, 4/5) - "Between pop, progressive rock and cinematographic atmospheres, "The Awakening" is a generous album that should allow Esthesis to make a name for itself. A great album"

BACKGROUND MAGAZINE (by Alison Reijman) - "It is wonderful to stumble across gems such as "The Awakening". It's one of those total immersion albums (...). it is undoubtedly a very impressive debut which has set the bar very high"

BETREUTES PROGGEN (Germany, 13/15) - "Beeindruckende Kompositionen, die das enorme Potenzial dieser Formation belegen. Es lohnt sich!"

PROG WERELD (The Netherlands) - "Dit is hun debuutalbum en wat voor een! Het predicaat ‘beste debuutalbum van 2020’ is niet overdreven. (…) Alles is perfect gedoseerd en in balans, zonder dat het gekunsteld overkomt. De muziek is mooi organisch en doet veelal filmisch aan".

MLWZ (Poland) - "Kompozycja utrzymana we floydowskim klimacie wybrzmiewa przez większość czasu niespiesznie, pozwalając unieść się w letargu i poddać się płynącym dźwiękom"

MAT2020 (Italy) - "Un disco che, con le sue radici fissate negli anni ‘70, riesce ad essere attuale e moderno mischiando abilmente le carte del prog con certo pop di qualità e con un uso intelligente dell’elettronica. Da ascoltare sicuramente ad occhi chiusi, con la giusta concentrazione."

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