My Day at The Florida Museum of Natural History Ryan shust

The butterfly exhibit at The FLMNH is one of the appealing exhibits I've ever seen. In the back of the museum, is a huge enclosed area featuring thousands of butterflies and plants. This exhibit allows you to get up close and personal with many special of butterflies one would normally never come across. This exhibit allowed me to see how butterflies interact with the natural world and it taught me just how important they are to our fragile ecosystems.
Learning how to appreciate the land we live on and not exploit it for commercial practices is something the Native Americans did an astonishing job with. This exhibit allowed me to see the daily lives of the Native Americans of Florida and how they respected the land, which is turn respected them. They never took more then they needed and never explored anything for personal gain. This exhibit made me feel very small in relation to the world I live in as it showed me how greatly these people contributed to their society, compared to my self. The exhibit has inspired me to live more conservatively as the Native Americans did and to respect nature and teach others the same.
Finally, my visit to the FLMNH had an amazing exhibit that let me connect with the world around me and allow me to explore the mystery nature has brought with it. This exhibit, titled wicked plants, was all about plants that have hidden properties. It showcased flowers that smell like rotten meat, wet dog, etc and even showed how everyday items like peas can be deadly. The exhibit even had an interactive part where you had to search for clues to see how someone died. The exhibit allowed me to connect my daily life to some interesting new concepts I never knew existed.


V. (2015, July 19). Excellent museum [Photograph found in Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville, FL]. Retrieved January 17, 2017, from (Originally photographed 2015, July 19)

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