Healphy and Nutrion Inuits & First Nations


My project is about the nutrition aspects of the native people of Canada. The Inuits who lived and live in the north had a diet based in meat. The First Nations lived in the western territory and their diet were based in fruits vegetables and not much meat.

The propose of my research is to compare their diet in the past with the one that they have in the present.

The Inuit's diet

The Inuit diet were composed by frozen meat and small vegetables. The reason is that the weather in the north is not good to raise crops and that made they diet just based on meat. The main animal that they hunt is seal. Now a days, their diet change to industrialized food full of sugar, fat and salt. The consequence is one the highest rate of diabetes and obesity in the world. In the north the price of groceries is really high and that is why they prefer to eat processed food, because it's cheaper.

The First Nations's Diet

The First Nations in the past use to grow their food and hunt to get their meat. But, the majority part of their diet were composed by fruits and vegetables. Now a days their diet is processed food too, but not with the same price as in the North.

Government my help?

The government helps with educational projects and with money. The Canadian government gives $60-million annual federal food subsidy. Although, that money is not enough to change and get the price of the groceries lower.

The money that the government is spending it's suppose to go to get the price of groceries lower, but the groceries stores are using that money to bring more food in. But, what they are doing is that they are keeping the price the same. The resume is that the government program is a totally fail.

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