Self Esteem Martie Latham 4th grade

Self Esteem by definition is a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself.

When have you felt proud of yourself? How is self-esteem related to pride?

If a friend makes a mistake, what would you say? If you were in that situation,

What would you want people to say to you?

When you have choices to make, how do you decide if they’re good choices?

What difficulties did she face in life? How was she treated in school?

What are some of Lizzie’s positive traits (perseverance, resilience, positive attitude, focus on what is important in life, etc.) that contribute to her positive self-concept?

What about her do you most admire?

How might her positive traits inspire and help others?

How does Lizzie demonstrate that “beauty is on the inside”?

Who in her life supported her, and how did this help build her self-esteem?

If she were a student at this school, how could the school community support her?

Now your assignment is to list all of your best traits

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