Dan Mangan Live at Fulford Hall

On January 20, 2018, Dan Mangan and Gordon Grdina played an intimate show for Salt Spring Island. It was Mangan's second time playing on the island, where he has family ties. The show was wonderfully laid back, letting Mangan's songwriting and Grdina's musical talent shine through.

Gordon Grdina

Grdina began the night with a few instrumental numbers. His experimental jazz-influenced improvisations wowed the audience.

Besides the guitar, Grdina is also a talented oud player. He played a traditional Iraqi piece of music.

Grdina showed his chops through experimental jazz improvisations, avant-garde atonal music, classical middle eastern and rock influenced playing. His performance left the audience rapt, many people whispering "how'd he do that?" to their neighbours. After Grdina's set, there was a short break before the main act.

His performance left the audience rapt, many people whispering "how'd he do that?" to their neighbours.

After letting people snack on delicious pastries, Mangan and Grdina took the stage again.

Dan Mangan

The duo went deep into Mangan's back catalogue, playing acoustic versions of his hits.

They covered everything from the hits to new unreleased music. They were even able to take requests from the crowd. The show went on into the night and it seemed like nobody wanted it to stop.

To end it, Mangan and Grdina unplugged their guitars and went into the audience for a campfire-style sing along of Mangan's hit "Robots."

"I think it’s a pretty healthy thing to travel to the extremities of the country and to understand the different cultures and the different needs and wants of the people, and it is a big privilege, it is a luxury as a musician you have an excuse to go to all of these places.”
Playing small shows is "kind of nice actually, it allows for more story telling and more interaction with the audience.”
Small shows are the best shows.

Words, photos and video: Marc Kitteringham

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Marc Kitteringham

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