Legalities and Cash


  1. What legalities do you need to be aware of?
  2. What Does Your Business Need?
  3. Understand the Flow

What legalities do you need to be aware of?

Research any legal factors that you will need to be aware of for your Social Enterprise

What did you find?

What does your Business need?

in a difficult SITUATION think about THE absolute essentials that you need to make the BUSINESS run

List everything out - check any costs if you're not sure and work out exactly how much capital you will need to start your business up

Cash Flow

One of the most important factors to make your business sustainable is your cash flow

What is a Cash flow?
Take the time to think about what you spend on a personal level - draft out what you need and what you indulge in, then think about what incomings you have. List in two groups your personal incomings and outgoings

This is your personal income & expenditure

Business Income and Expenditure

Now think about the general business running costs, assets and incomings that you may come across for the first few months. You can add all of this into the cash flow template.


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