Staples boys’ wrestling suffer tough loss against Danbury By Serena ye '20

The boys' wrestling team played Danbury Wednesday, Jan. 9 at the Staples auxiliary gym.
The team warms up with light jogs and leg exercises a few minutes before the start of the match.
This will be the eighth game for both teams this season. Currently, Danbury is ranked first in the FCIAC .
The first match of the game was wrestled by Jake Rizy '20 in the higher weight class. After swaying back and forth between Staples and Danbury for ten minutes, Danbury took the win for match.
The team look on at the unfolding match, shouting words of advice and encouragement.

Gerard Allen '21 struggles with his Danbury opponent.

While Allen lost the match, the whole gym erupted with cheering and yelling.

Co- captain Jacob Qiu '19 and coaches Fred Mills and Alex Kappel cheer on their teammate.
Co-captain John-Carter Montoni '19, also nicknamed "JC" by his teammates, gains the edge on the opposing player.
Qiu attempts to overpower his opponent with a strategic hand move. The team will participate in the John Chacho Duals against Fairfield Prep in Stamford on Jan. 12.


Serena Ye '20

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