My Life Giacomo Bindi

My name is Giacomo, I'm eleven years old. I was born in 22/12/2005, I live in Massagno. My hobbies and interests are taekwando and magic. I go to taekwando society. I love my mummy.My favorite subjects is einstine


My friends are Giovanni, Pablo, Jack, alesandro, Manuele, Thomas, Michele 1 e 2 , Prantera. We met we were at school my best friend is ol my friend

MY Hobby

Taekwondo is like karate the name of the association is Taekwondo association I do the magic skills I interested in informatics One of my talent is make lave peapol

My family

We are a family of four members My mother my daddy my brother I am the oldest brother My father is a good with computer My mummy is so good to help my with homework We live in an appartament in Switzerland My best family time is spendet at the cinema During our hollidais we visit my grandma I love my famy because some times we lol and jouuk a lot of time

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