Alexander Hamilton The First Secretary of the United States Treasury

By Raenen Mathen

Alexander Hamilton was the first secretary of the United States Treasury. He had influenced many things and had started the United States treasury which is now the base of the worlds most powerful GDP and currency. He also aspired great political events and a Broadway musical called "Hamilton."

Early Years : Alexander Hamilton was born in 1757 on an island called Nevis. As he grew older, he helped his mother at their grocery store. While he was helping his mother, he grew stronger at mathematics. As his mother got sick, him and his brother became orphans. Alex got a job later and became an apprentice clerk and ran errands for an exporter. He wanted a different career and wanted to fight with a sword and bayonet. When his boss had to receive medical treatment Alex became in charge of the exporting business in St. Croix. As his boss returned from New York, Alex had got into a college in America. He took supplies form the West Indies to sell to make the money for college and to live in New York. His skills of receiving and re-selling helped him achieve his plan of getting money and spending it again. This founded the U.S Treasury which is the base of economy.

Other Years: Alexander had gotten bored of business, so he decided to join the army to fight. After many years of fighting, General George Washington had him become his adviser. After leaving the role of being George Washingtons adviser, Alexander Hamilton went to study law. He then started picking up cases of British loyalists. He got interested in politics and he drew himself into being the secretary of the treasury. Eventually he stopped, and went back to study law in New York.

What Did He Do After: With his strength of numbers and the ability to manage things that needed to be kept track of, George Washington was elected president and named Alexander Hamilton the first secretary of the treasury. Alexander had created a program that eventually formed into the U.S Coast Guard.

Recommendation: I would recommend reading or learning about Alexander Hamilton if you are interested in history about the American Revolution or American history. Also if you are interested in the history of the national economy.



Courageous, brave, strong

Husband of Elizabeth Schuyler

Who loved ongoing revenue to power a good goverment

Who changed the history of the United States growing economy

Who wanted to make an ongoing revenue that would be major in the growth of the American economy

Born on Nevis Island, lived in New York.


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