WW1 the "war to end all wars"


What is know as the main cause of world war one is the assassination of the archduke Franz Ferdinand by the Serbians which lead to the July crisis. The July crisis had the French, Germans, British, Japaneses, Russians, Hungarians, and Serbians all declare war. The great war was also cause by other various reasons.How ever many countries were ready for the war.By the time the war started All of the major countries were ready for the war to come. by the begging of the 1900s Europe and all of the alliances in it were falling apart do to things like the first and second Moroccan crisis,Bosnian crisis Germany and the Astro-Hungarians started to slip away. Then the Russians and Serbians started to gain power due to the Balkan wars but yet both lost relations with the astro Hungarian empire. The three "Big guns" of WW1 started to come together other wise know as the Russians, French, and the British. Europe was falling apart due to its undoing and the rise of power for many countries. The undoing was because of some countries trying to take back lost land.BY the time of the 1870s it was a race for arms the countries of Europe everyone was ready for a large scale war most conflicts that happened in between were only minor engagements for most countries until 1910 then there were a couple wars for countries but most only lasted half or an entire year nothing to the great war that was coming. Most of the wars before were short engagements versus the all out full of tanks planes and ships. The war was known to be coming.


The great war could be the considered to the most revolutionary war to date it was the first war that was fought with tanks, planes, and trains. Some of WW1's battles were fought in the sky weather it be the zeppelin, planes, or bombers, most planes were used for pivotal moments they could be used to fight opposing planes of to bomb a certain area.Although the armored train was not first used in world war one it was a very useful tool to the Russians who used trains with light armor or heavy armor. The Austria- Hungarian empire used it against the Italians it was a brutal war machine that took many lives. But most times the train was used as a way of getting supplies food and ammo to the front lines the guns were for safety reasons so the supplies would not be taken. The trains had there moments but other than that they were pretty useless the could only go on a track that only went specific ways.The tank was created on September 26, 1916 it was the dreadnought of the land when it worked tanks were still in it early stages it aced the land test but the mud test was a challenge it often got stuck in the mud making them easy targets for enemies. The Mark V Land ship was in development for years when it was first used by the British half way thought the war. The tanks if moving fast enough could go over trenches with no problem then they could be used to take out obstacles like barb wire after that the tank could be used to take out enemies. The french had there own adaptation of the tank it was smaller faster but the armor was weaker than the mark V land ship this allowed the Renault FT have mas production.


For explore i deiced to focus on a very important battle for the allies, the Gallpoli campaign.The Gallipoli Campaign was the attempt of the allies to secure the north shore of the Turkish peninsula. When the allies take the six beaches on the peninsula they could then use the Marmara sea as a passage to Constantinople. How ever the campaign resulted in the deaths of 44,150 allied soldiers which was the British, french, Australia, and E.C.T. The Ottomans lost a total of 86,692 Ottoman soldiers in total the campaign resulted in the total deaths of 130,842 soldiers that all fought bravely. The camping lasted from April 25th, 1915 to January 9th 1916 this campaign was a step back for the allies but yet a stepping stone for the axis powers especially the ottomans who would later collapse by the end of the war. The ottomans empire was not the only empire that fell during the great war the others are the austro-Hungarian, German, and Russian empire.

WW1 really was the war to end all wars it was the last time old Europe had all of its same ideals, the last time that the monarchs would reign. What came from this war would be communism and fascism which almost lead more problems later on. Simply put WW1 was the war to end the "old" Europe and set it in stage for the new industrial world.

The End

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