Samaritan Aviation August 2017 Newsletter

Baby Isaac Rescued!

Baby Isaac (less than a year old) was picked up from one of our farthest locations along the Sepik River, and his family had traveled another 5 hours in a canoe from their home village of Nagri to meet us there! When we met Isaac, his left arm had swollen to nearly twice its normal size due to a tropical flesh-eating disease known as a Buruli ulcer. Without medical treatment, we knew that it could mean permanent disability or even death for the young boy.

Isaac at Nagri Village, suffering from extreme swelling of his left arm due to a Buruli ulcer

After his life flights and admission to the Boram Hospital, Isaac began receiving treatment and slowly recovered from the infection. Having never left his village before, he was frightened by our team’s new faces for the first several days of our visits. Eventually our missionaries won him over with their continued visits and a few lollipops! Praise God for the attentive care of the Boram Hospital staff and the company of some friendly visitors for helping Isaac find his smile!

Left: Medical Director Chris Cooke with daughter, Charlotte, bringing Isaac lollipops at Boram Hospital; Right: Baby Isaac with his mother at the hospital

The Palms are in the United States!

President Mark Palm and his family arrived in California on July 3rd and are currently settling into their temporary home while in the U.S. If you would like to set up an opportunity for Mark to share with your church, small group, business, or backyard BBQ, please contact us at 970-249-4341 or While we can’t make any promises, we will do our best to arrange your requested dates!

We Need Your Help!

New Floatplane

Our new floatplane is now in Minnesota and they are beginning work on the right-hand door and other necessary upgrades. Once this phase of the project is completed, it will be flown to Kelso, Oregon for more work.

Samaritan Aviation’s oldest plane was decommissioned in Papua New Guinea last month and it is being prepared to be shipped back to the U.S. Once it arrives in Seattle, we will transfer some of its equipment and parts onto the new plane. Our hopes are then to sell the old plane to offset some of the costs of the new rebuild.

Our financial need for current aviation and renovation projects is $50,000 by October 15th.

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