Lets' not institutionalise life. Let us not prolong 'the fall' in what we are fond of believing is 'our gospel.' The resurrection of Jesus revealed the bone fides of Father and the God-like sonship of sons. It has been revealed that God is pure in heart and that the like-minded would see and know God as He is.

Rejoicing in knowing God as He is..

Satan was vanquished at the cross. Father was revealed in His love and integrity in the person of Jesus. The resolve of the trinity in realising their plan for human beings to share their life was exhibited in Jesus and realised in us every moment in His indwelling by the Spirit. It was seen that God in His Son would enter the most despicable act of human beings - the crucifixion of the Harbinger of Life - to draw us out of our abyss into the spirit and life of fellowship with God. The fall was undone.

You mean to say that The Fall is undone?

The sons of God were confirmed, certified and declared forever to the sons and daughters of God. It was declared in heaven and on earth that we belong - that we belong in the fellowship of God. Satan had cast a slur on God's integrity and undermined Adam and Eve's sonship with his 'If you are?' This was to be the ploy of the thief, the robber and the father of lies. BUT NOT NAY MORE. Not only was the fall precipitated by a lie. Satan embedded these lies in religion to perpetuate weakness and degradation into the social structures of human beings. The Fall became congealed in separationist religion.

In separationist religion people live in the union that they are not one with God; that the at-one-ment is not complete and that there is something they must do themselves to attain union with God. The 'Yes' of it all is that it has been done. YOU AND FATHER ARE ONE!

Just as a husband and wife become one, so are you one with Jesus as the Bride of Christ. As such you have fellowship with the trinity.

The cross is the cross-roads of human history. Jesus succeeded in negating these lies and halting the theft of life. His victory is the undoing of Adam's betrayal and the re-instatement of the human race in God. Restored in the person of Jesus - who is the new Adam and the progenitor of the new creation. Yet this creation was no afterthought. It had been planned before the foundation of the world and was really part of the original plan - the plan Paul described as Christ in you. Paul was a living example of old covenant/new covenant man and old Adam/new Adam living. Paul was a born again person: Born of God out of his 'Saulist' legalistic, death-dealing, binding-up nature. Born into the glorious liberty of the life-giving Paul the apostle of the Free Spirit.

Free to flourish in God and free to be the you that you are!

"The Christian God is interested in relationship with us, and not just relationship, but union, and not just union, but such a union that everything He is and has-all glory and fullness, all joy and beauty and unbridled life-is to be shared with us and to become as much ours as it is His. The plan from the beginning, in the Christian vision, is that God would give Himself to us, and nothing less, so that we could be filled to overflowing with the divine life."

GALATIANS 2.20: Our freedom, holiness and wholeness as sons of God is revealed when we are hidden in Christ. This is to say we are who we are with bells on when Christ's Spirit manifests as us. This is not some weird supernatural feat. But it is the occurring in real time of Christ come in our flesh. No. We don't become Jesus of Nazareth. We become who we actually are as the manifestation of His Spirit in our being. In this age of the incarnation it is what it is: Christ has come in the flesh of all who will receive Him.

The real Gospel leaves you overflowing with divine life. You become charged with the spirit and life of God. You become a daughter or a son!

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